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Author Topic: Excess knee swelling following arthroscopy  (Read 667 times)

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Excess knee swelling following arthroscopy
« on: January 23, 2014, 08:06:58 AM »
I have undergone a tpf repair back on 9/7/2014. The injury required a bone graft. Repair was going well resumed at the gym, was lifting leg weights but then hit a hurdle around November for no apparent reason lost all knee strength and had a MRI that has confirmed the tpf is fully healed but a severe tear in the medial cartlige.

I have had an arthroscopy to remove 50% of my medial cartlige on the same knee this took place 3/12/14.

Since the surgery my knee has been severely swollen and despite a course of anti-inflammatory the swelling is still severe. I may need aspiration.

Is it usual to have swelling for such a long time. Will the swelling disappear on it own. Is the swelling related to the operation or is there potential for another injury.

I'd appreciate any help, as I'm quite frustrated.

Cheers Jamie

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Re: Excess knee swelling following arthroscopy
« Reply #1 on: January 23, 2014, 08:40:07 PM »
Hi Jamie,

To answer your question re: swelling.  Yes it can continue to swell.  I continue to swell and surgery was May of 2012.  I noticed you are taking anti-inflammitories.  I was taken off as they were causing swelling.  My dr. put me on a half of a water pill 2 x per week for a month.  Amazingly, the swelling decreased considerably. 

Be aware of what we put in our bodies :)
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