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Author Topic: Help in healing PFPS and high hamstring tendonitis after meniscus tear.  (Read 749 times)

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My knee and leg has been a total pain in the rear. Literally.

Almost a year ago my knee went out on me while hiking and that is when it all started. I am 32, in good health and then bam! I was hurt. I thought I just twisted my knee or moved wrong, but the pain continued to get worse and worse until one day my entire leg decided to join in. I had spasms in my quadricep all the way  up and my hamstring locked. Just locked and would not relax. I began to have muscle cramps there too. On top of knee pain that got so bad I could not stand or walk. Then the  hip started and that is when I went to my GP.

Fast forward to June and I finally get into an orthopedic doc who said I just has PFPS and to go to PT to strengthen my VMO. If that did not help, come back in for an MRI.

Fast forward to August and by this time I can barely work. I am a photographer. Long story short the doc refused to give me an MRI, said I had PFPS and back issues (which I didn't) and sent me to a physiatrist.

After going through hip x-rays which were clean, a lumbar MRI which showed no problems and another round of PT I was now in as much pain as I had been months before. Leg still locked. Pain still in my knee and radiating pain above my knee into my quad. Finally I begged for an MRI again from the new doc and got one.

Fast forward to December (10 months after my injury) and I found out I had a medial meniscus tear the whole time. My leg and hip pain was most likely due to my gait being off for so long. Had surgery two weeks ago to remove the torn part that was actually catching under my knee as I walked and there were no signs of any arthritis as the first doc said I had. Injury in Feb 2013, surgery Jan 2014. What a horrible year of pain.

I am still having continuing hamstring pain and PFPS above my knee. I am so tired of being told it is because my knee is not tracking right. I am knock kneed in both legs so no crap. I was born this way and that is all anyone will fixate on and my VMO. I can't do exercises that involve my quad or my hamstring and somehow I need to strengthen my knee. Well, my leg is not behaving.

Sorry for the long post. My question is has anyone ever dealt with so many issues at once with one leg and what can I do to get back to working and functioning? It hurts to sit for longer than 10 minutes, it hurts to walk, it hurts to stand and I can't sleep. I can tell the tear is gone because the clicking and catching is gone, but when will my leg chill out?
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