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Author Topic: Non-surgical Transverse Patella Fracture  (Read 519 times)

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Non-surgical Transverse Patella Fracture
« on: April 10, 2015, 12:03:23 AM »
On 1/08/2015 I had fractured my right patella. I slipped on a fabric softner dryer sheet in the Jr. High school where I am employed. I am in a ROM brace set at 70 degree. My knee is so stiff that I wonder if I will ever be able to bend it again. My OS will not start PT until the brace is off. Since the brace only goes up to 110 degree, I am assuming that should be soon. My question is has anyone else had the same experience as myself. I still cannot put a sock on my right foot! I also have gained 10 lbs. I am suppose to go back to work on 5/04/2015, but still can't bend my knee. I need to sit at a desk and also stand for a period of time. If I stand to long my ankle swells. My leg is also badly atrophied. Will it ever be back to normal? I am so upset.