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Author Topic: Feel like my knee is destroyed - fracture and possible tears  (Read 522 times)

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Feel like my knee is destroyed - fracture and possible tears
« on: January 16, 2014, 01:59:36 AM »
I'm 28 and have played soccer since 5 years old. Saturday in a league game the injury occurred, I was in full sprint next to another opposing player and planted my foot near the ball and he ran right through my knee causing a terrible cracking sound/feeling, immediate excruciating pain. I couldn't look at my leg for a few minutes when it happened because it felt like my foot was gonna be pointing the wrong way but luckily that wasn't the case and I eventually got carried off and to the ER.

Had xray and CT at ER which revealed a fractured patella. it's a small break on the lateral part of the patella. swelling was sever to say the least so they splinted me and advised I wait a few days to see the orthopedic and do mri.  The orthopedic they sent me to doesn't accept  my insurance so now I'm waiting on a referral from my primary care and probably won't see specialist till next  week.

I've kept it pretty much braced straight. it's crazy how unstable and bad my knee feels. I realized the injury just happened but I can't help but be pessimistic right now based on how I physically feel. my kneecap doesn't seem to hurt but the pain and weird feeling is coming from the medial and lateral sides of my knee. in the ER they did a simple pressure test on my ACL but said it didn't seem to indicate it was week so I'm hoping it's still intact. feel like my mcl has to be completely torn but no point in speculating I guess until mri. just hoping I can recover and play soccer again. if anyone has any tips, or advice on what I should expect best and worst case in my recovery please let me know, pretty discouraged right now.