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Author Topic: 3 MRI including a arthrogram  (Read 4307 times)

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3 MRI including a arthrogram
« on: January 09, 2014, 04:35:36 AM »
Hello Everyone,

Hopefully someone here can help me figure somethings out with my knee since my doctor isn't helping me. For about 8 months I have been having this sharp pain in the front of my knee. Along with that pain I have swelling about my knee on the outside( I will post a picture of the swelling). I have had 3MRI's  that came back normal, but I am still having pain. My doctors are not telling me anything and I do not know where else to turn. The only thing I have been told is I have mild tendinitis. My knee aches really bad especially after long walks, bending, and  kneeling. After repetitive activities the lump above my knee gets larger and noticeable.     

Hopefully someone can lead me into some answers since I cannot get any from health car professionals.