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Author Topic: PLC Injury Symptoms  (Read 4944 times)

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PLC Injury Symptoms
« on: December 28, 2013, 02:36:16 AM »
Hello All,
I was wondering if anyone out there who has been through a PLC injury could tell me a bit about the symptoms they experienced. I had ACL reconstruction nearly 8 months ago at this point, and I have continued to have a very loose feeling in my knee. I have had posterolateral knee pain since the very beginning of the rehab process, which my OS has continually told me that it is nothing to worry about, but as I continue to try to get back to demands of being a division I athlete, the more soreness and pain I have experienced in the posterolateral knee area. Additionally, I have experienced some gait changes when I run, which I'm not sure whether this is normal or not after ACL reconstruction. KT1000 testing showed a 3mm difference in side to side laxity, and the MRI was inconclusive, with too much haziness around the acl to tell what is really going on. If anyone has any insight on what they think might be going on, please let me know. I'm getting desperate for some answers. Thanks!

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Re: PLC Injury Symptoms
« Reply #1 on: January 28, 2014, 09:06:40 PM »
im wondering the same thing. i injured my knee 17 days ago and now that its loosening up and starting move i can finally isolate where pains are coming from. Im pre-surgery right now as im waitng on MRI results. I was in an immobilizer for 2 weeks due to crack in patella. not sure what all is torn but very unstable. a description of my injury is in the ligaments section.

Now that im walking(with bad limp), im noticing pain behind my knee on the lateral side. most of my swelling is over the mcl. im wondering if i might have damaged some stuff on the lateral side and behind my knee as well. waiting for a diagnosis sucks to say the least. hopefully you'll get some better replies but figured i'd throw out there that im looking for the same information. When i see my doc next i will post again if i have any pcl damage so i can share my  symptoms more in depth. hope you heal quickly.