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Author Topic: Acrobat with Patellar Tracking Problem! Any other sports people here?! :)  (Read 546 times)

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Hi everyone! I am new to this site. My name is Jourdan and I am an acrobat... you may have seen me if you've been to the Cirque ;)

Anyway, I just finished a contract and of course I have just "injured" myself. I was taking many dance classes and my knee suddenly had pain all around it for a few days. The third day I had so much pain I had to rest for two days and ice it. It was really bad! I did not do anything specific. It kind of just came upon me within days, slowly... then BAM!

This was August, 2013
I realized my knee was so weak. I could stand there and then bend it slowly, then it would just bend fast by itself! I couldn't control it. The same when I went to straighten it, it just sprung right into place! I never had this. Then my knee cap started to grind and it was so uncomfortable to walk. It was definitely moving out of place a little bit, off track for sure!

Went to a knee doctor in Paris where I was at the time... MRI, X-Ray... nothing showed wrong.

Went to another doctor when I got here to NYC. Another MRI, another X-Ray... nothing showed again.

I started Physical Therapy and it's been 6 weeks. I have been doing a lot of quad, hip and VMO exercises... I have seen close to NO result. My knee still feels weak as anything, my kneecap is still grinding.... they say there's nothing wrong in any scans they've done...  they haven't really diagnosed me with a specific titled problem, but they just say its Patella Pain Syndrome...

I used McConnell Taping on my patellar and it works very well. I feel very good and I have no pain when I jump, and my kneecap stays in place. It feels like heaven. Ok, well, It's still weak, meaning I can bend it and straighten it easy still.. but it's not grinding which makes me want to cry since it's so uncomfortable!!

Now, I am supposed to start training with a coach in 3 weeks to make a video for a new contract that begins in April and I don't know what to do. Do I go train and then just wear a knee brace and do the McConnell Taping since it works? My PT's say it's up to me, but I am wondering if there's any dancers or acrobats in here with the same problem as me. I feel comfort knowing the MRI and X-Rays don't show anything serious, which is why I am considering going into training. I can deal with some discomfort, but I don't wan tot make it worse. Has any of you had this tracking problem, and STILL continued sport? Part of me wants to stop and just let it completely heal but is it even going to heal? And I need to go back to work... before I have no money... not sure what to do.

Please let me know I would be SO grateful! I am so sorry for this long story ;) And I apologize if this has been addressed before, I can't find a similar story... Thank you all so much and I am happy to be on this site and help out too with any advice I can give!!!!