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Author Topic: 5yr old trans patellar fracture. Want to run races but.... :/  (Read 650 times)

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5yr old trans patellar fracture. Want to run races but.... :/
« on: December 25, 2013, 03:21:49 AM »
Hi All - So glad I found this board. I'll keep it short.

Tore right ACL 2003. Right ACL repair 2006. Grafting done from right patellar tendon. It was slow to heal. 7 months after that, hyperextended right leg and quad and lower leg muscles pulled patellar apart into two clean pieces. Got it repaired. First surgery botched (wires came out). Got it done again. hospitalized for a total of 3 weeks (1 week hospital, 2 weeks nursing facility). Rehabed for 1yr in outpatient facility. Hardware limited mobility; 2 screws removed in 2008 - this was the last surgery. Since then, I've been moderately active and managed to lose a total of 60lbs since the first ACL surgery 6yrs ago.  I recently (last year) gained 20lbs back, after the crepitus and pain increased in my rt knee and after I developed pain in my left hip. My activity level dropped.

The problem: diagnosed with hypermobility and PCOS (no genetic testing yet). I eat clean 60-70% of the time, lift weights and take spinning classes. Can barely do squats, and my lunges look like curtseys. Can stand and ride the bike but have difficulty with the quick up and down riding. When I walk up stairs, it feels like I'm lifting legs with 10lb weights and I don't step up with my heel but with the ball of my feet (all wrong) because I'm scared I'll break my knee again if I step with my hamstrings. Sitting with legs crossed for prolonged period, makes my hips feel like their breaking. I want to start running again but I am so scared of the anticipated pain. But running helps me be happy and also lose weight faster.

SOLUTION: I'm thinking a knee brace might help me run and do squats and lunges. If I had no pain, I know I could do a lot more. How can I have no pain?? Can anyone out there tell me - what pill do I need to take? Activity I need to do?

All advice is appreciated.

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Re: 5yr old trans patellar fracture. Want to run races but.... :/
« Reply #1 on: December 26, 2013, 05:45:41 AM »
There are many other ways to lose weight and be happy. Running is quite damaging to the knees this is fact. You may get by now but one more catastrophic injury could be all it takes to cause you permanent and debilitating injury.   
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