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Author Topic: Tibial plateau fracture  (Read 769 times)

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Tibial plateau fracture
« on: December 22, 2013, 09:29:32 PM »
Hi everyone!

I notice that my subject is vague. Let me give you a little bit of history before I talk about my fracture. I'm no stranger to broken bones and injuries. When I was 2 years old I some how managed to break my left foot. In doing so the only option they had at time was to boot it, well they did and my foot now curves inward slightly due to this injury also causing me to not walk normally. Now fast forwarding a bit, when I was 11-12 years I was riding my bike home from the bike shop after it got fixed and on my way home, a car tried to exit a driveway from a store and hit me (I was on the sidewalk), she some how didn't see me. Well when she hit me, my left knee was smashed in-between the frame of my bike and the front bumper of the car. I remember bits and pieces from when I was hit until I got home, I do remember at the hospital they said something about me having a fracture in my leg and a concussion. It also took me two weeks to be able to walk again.

Fast forward again to September 15th 2013, I'm now a month away from being 24 years old. Okay so now the embarrassing part, how I got my new injury. Basically I have a Husky, he loves to run when he gets out, well one day my mother let him out and I had to go after him, well he put himself in a vulnerable position and I bolted for him, and right as I was about to grab him, he bolted and I went to stop in wet grass and nothing happen, so I slid into a Ford F=150 front bumper knee first. After sitting around my house in a insane amount of pain my wife finally convinced me to go to the ER. We went, they did an x-ray and didn't find anything. They told me to follow up with my normal care provider on Monday, so I did. In doing so, they didn't find anything, he just felt my knee and such and said give it a few days, stay off of it, don't go to work for two weeks and to set up another appointment with him in a week. I did so, well he called in sick the day I was suppose to see him. I set up an appointment that same day with another Doctor. This doctor had me try to stand on my left leg which had sustained the injury, I couldn't do it very long. Then he asked me to squat, couldn't do it. I guess this concerned him, because he ordered an MRI, gave me a knee brace and some crutches and told me to stay on the crutches until the MRI and that the brace would be for later. Well I had the MRI two days later and it found that I had an uncompressed Tibial Plateau Fracture and this was two weeks after the injury had occurred..

Now I followed up with normal doctor who referred me to a Dr who deals with sports injuries. Well she tells me to stay off it using crutches for two weeks. I follow up with her after two weeks, she again tells me two more weeks non weight bearing, fine. Follow up again, she tells me to do light walking, use crutches as needed. There were a few days where I needed the crutches so I used them. Following up with her again later she talks about clearing me for work, I don't feel ready to return to being a mechanic and doing heavy lifting that is required and getting down on my knees to rack cars and trucks. I also expressed concerns about PT not helping, and the amount of pain I have been in including walking, this leads me to ask for another MRI to make sure the injury is healed. She tells me no and says it should be fine. So I get a second opinion. This Dr is a knee specialist, that I've seen before. He does his routine and flat out tells me no way your returning to work, you might not be ready to return till March. So at this time I'm set to see him again in January and we are going to take it month by month.

On top of all this I starting doing PT in mid November only 2 weeks after coming off the crutches. I wont lie PT has sucked, I hate it, it makes me knee feel worse when I go to PT or do my PT exercises at home. Now my 3 meeting with my PT lady. She asks me to walk the length of the hallway and then back. She notices I don't walk normal. She gives me a weird look and asks me to do it again and I looked at her and said You can tell I walk funny cant you? and she nodded and I explained to her that its because I broke my left foot when I was little. Well she concluded that my walking is effecting my healing. I have one more PT meeting at the end of December and so far PT hasn't done anything. I will tell you guys I haven't missed a PT meeting and I also do my PT exercises as much as my knee will allow me. I also wear a knee heavy duty knee brace any time I will be doing standing or walking for more than 30 minutes, any more than that my knee cant handle by itself, it is just to painful.

Sorry for the book guys I'm almost done. Now here are my concerns. This is my second major injury to my left knee. My mom never did take me to follow up with Dr after I was hit by the car so it could have been anything. My biggest complaint to my doctors and to my PT is constant knee popping and constant pain. I have done some research on this type of injury and from my understand most cases it can take as little as 3 months if your lucky or two years for you to regain full strength. I am a mechanic, and a short one at that so a majority of my strength comes from my legs. Will I regain full strength? Will I have constant knee pain for the rest of my life? Should I consider surgery? (I have once before but they said they didn't see a reason too) Well my knee popping go away? Will I ever not need a knee brace? I have some sort of Velcro brace, should i get a different one? Is there a better one?

Feel free to ask any questions.

Thank you for your time guys,