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Author Topic: Seems to be a popular question but gets few replies, prolotherapy?  (Read 1028 times)

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So I have been reading about a treatment called prolotherapy and am growing more and more curious about this,is there any body here that has had this and would recommend it?

I tore my acl,pcl,mcl almost 2 years ago and have had 2 operations since then to reconstruct my ligaments but my pcl just doesn't want to play ball.
It is starting to become a drag now and I am looking for a different approach.From what i can gather it is a solution of dextose(suger) and water that is injected into the ligament and causes local irritation that increases natural tissue growth.(very limated and brief description)

any replies would be appreciated.
Football injury leading to dislocation of tibia and rupture of ACL,PCL,MCL.... Feb 2012.
ACL,PCL,MCL Reconstruction.....Sept 2012.
PCL,MCL failed.
PCL,MCL reconstruction..... Sept 2013.
Currently doing home workouts and have pcl laxity.