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Author Topic: Injection treatment options in Ontario Canada for cartilage/anterior knee pain  (Read 3860 times)

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I was wondering what are some injection treatment options in Ontario Canada for knee pain, cartilage damage, patella femoral pain, chondromalacia patella, etc...

I have read through the forums, and their are a lot of options in the USA such as:
1) Dr. Hauser (chicago) -prolotherapy, PRP, stem cell injections, he even adds some growth hormones for extra money sometimes apparently
2) Dr. Alan Dunn (Florida) - IAGH
3) Dr. Centenno (Colorado) -Regenexx
4) Dr. David Tallman (Phoenix) - Prolotherapy, PRP, Stem cell injections, growth hormone injections (HGH and testosterone)

Some injection treatment options I have found in Ontario include:
1) Dr Robert Banner (London) - Prolozone
2) Dr. Gordon KO (markham) - botox, PRP, prolotherapy, hyaluronic acid

If anyone could give some more information of other doctors who give knee injections to help reduce pain and heal cartilage in Ontario Canada, please let me know.

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hi Kefu, hope you are doing well. Have you found a good doctor in Ontario? Is there any good Patella specialist here?

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I'm basically in the same boat as you.  I asked for my family doctor to refer me to a Dr. Nguyen. (Nguyen Sports Med)  He's based out of the west end of Toronto.  Still waiting on a call from them though..... :-\