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Author Topic: ACL Reconstruction (Revision) using Allograft  (Read 6588 times)

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ACL Reconstruction (Revision) using Allograft
« on: April 29, 2012, 07:03:45 PM »
A little bit of Background

ACL Reconstruction (Revision) on my Left Knee

I tore my ACL during a Stage dance performance in 2003

First ACL Reconstruction March 2004 - ST. Johnís Hospital, Bangalore - INDIA by Dr.Gaurav Sharma -- I just hate this man, he ruined my life -- (Iíll explain how)† He used my Patella tendon Autograft... After surgery i had so many problems .. even after regressive physio i could never walk back properly... i used to limp... My knee was so stiff that if i am getting up from my desk then i had to prepare for that atleast† 5 minutes before.. I was always in pain ... when i complained his only reasoning was that i am not doing my physio right .. Grrrrr...† If you are in India and considering ACL reconstruction.. Please stay away from Dr. Gaurav Sharma.. He doesn't know s**t... Read the details ahead... i can never get 8 years of my suffering of my life back but i can guide you.... :'(

2nd Surgery on same Left Knee -- 2005 @ Ramakrishna Mission Hospital, Bangalore INDIA by Dr. Anant Joshi (He is considered No.1 doctor in India for ACL reconstruction) He is based in Mumbai but travels all over India to different hospitals throughout the year... He was in Bangalore and i met him there and he recommended an arthroscopic small surgery for me to remove the scar tissue (Arthrofibrosis) ...
Scar Tissue Removal -- It helped me a bit to walk a little straight and less pain.. After this surgery i felt a lot better than before and did a lot of physio and gym .. but i still had some pain always...

3rd Surgery on the same Left Knee 2006 @ by Dr. Jeffrey L. Halbrecht
IN 2006 i came to US for my work and there i met Dr. Jeffrey, he told me the doctor who did my ACL reconstruction.. he did it the wrong way.. he just placed the graft vertically which is wrong that why you donít have movement and it builds up your scar tissue again and again.. The only way to fix this is to Revise the ACL reconstruction with the New ligament... i couldn't believe that and then i met 2 other senior doctors in SF Area and they said the same thing after looking at my MRI's ...
I was shocked and i couldnít sleep for many nights... i was on my first assignment in US and i couldnít afford to take time off and do the ACL reconstruction... So Dr. Jeffrey gave me an option to go for a Arthroscopy and he promised that he will try his best to make a way for this ligament placed and there was so much scar tissue build up and he could clean that too Ö. which would require just 1 week of rest and i can go back to work... that was a ray of hope... I agreed to that and i am glad i went for that... it changed my life... Dr. did a Notchplasty† (cut the bone little bigger for the flexion) it helped me a lot and my movement was good and i could walk much better and very less pain comparatively.... I knew it was a temporary solution... but i was really happy and sad at the same time..
Years go by .. not doing any active sports .. i got married and have a baby now.. which was the main reason i thought that i need to go for my ACL revision otherwise iíll never be able to play with him... So i decided Ö it was in mind for so many years.. but my wife gave me courage ...One day i saw somebody in my office building with crutches.. I could understand what she was going through... i talked to her and told her about my situation too.. it was her 2nd ACL reconstruction.. she tore her ACL again on her Ski trip to Tahoe Ö and this was her 2nd ACL reconstruction on the same knee..but she was happy and cheerful...She advised me to meet her doctor once.. then i scheduled my appointment with Dr. Gary Fanton @ Stanford Hospital Redwood City, CA...
He clearly understood my problem and advised me that he can handle that with a new Allograft...

I made up my mind ... so this time i decided to take 2 months break to dedicate myself for Recovery...
Before Scheduling surgery i started working on my knee strengthening at my local gym..
Dr. Fanton performed the ACL revision surgery on my Left Knee with Allograft (donor tissue) using Patella tendon on April 25 2012

Today itís my 5th day at home after Surgery... So i thought let me share my experiences too.. it might help others .. you might learn something from my experiences... if you have any suggestions for me or share your experiences to help me to recover better and faster.. i would really appreciate that !!

Day before surgery...April 24 2012
Doctors gave me two medicated antiseptic or antibacterial sponges to bath the night before surgery and the morning before surgery .. I did that and other important instruction was to not to eat or drink anything after midnight.. because they have to give me a General Anesthesia for Surgery ...i had my last supper at 9 pm .. no food or water after that..

Day of Surgery April 25 2012
Woke up early and took shower with that sponge and mild soap and was ready for my surgery..Reached hospital on time.. Nurse took me to room and asked me put all my clothes in a bag and i got a Hospital gown to wear..
Then she shaved my knee and started taking blood pressure and body temp etc... and then they started my IV .. with a poke on my hand...
Anesthesiologist (Anaesthetist for my British friends :) came and talked to my about my previous surgeries or any complications..
Surgeon assistant came and talked to me .. OT Nurses came and talked to me Ö
I was ready.. then they took me inside OT.. i talked to my Surgeon and he assured me that this will be my last Knee surgery Ö and i was out... they put me to sleep for next few hours for surgery..

Woke up after 3 hours .. was little nauseated.. 2 nurses were monitoring and they started talking to me.. and gave me some ginger ale to make me feel better.. then through IV i was given some medicine to control nausea Ö Doctor talked to my wife and explained her about the surgery.
In about 2 hours i was ready to go home...
After Surgery they had wrapped my leg with bandages and inserted one cold pack which was connected to a cooler outside..which keeps my leg cold .. Ice cold water runs through the pipes with a motor in that cooler.. Doctor said itís good for swelling and pain... and no need to used the cold packs again and again...
I was still a little nauseated... After reaching home i took another pill for nausea prescribed by the doctor... and slept for 2 hours.. i felt much better after that.. and had some food....
Important thing is my pain level was at around 1 out of 10 .. i think it was because of heavy anesthetic drugs they used during surgery... so didnít take any pain medication.. But i took my Celebrax for Swelling with Dinner.. i need to take once a day for first 7 days. Had a decent sleep that night... I was really hard to stay away from my baby .. because i see his excitements when he looks at me as i am some kind Robot with a big brace and crutches.... he wants to touch everything...

2nd day after Surgery April 26 2012

Woke up around 8 am, had my tea...and eggs... keeping the knee in an elevated position with pillows.. and with cold pack wrapped around the knee connected to water cooler...
Pain level still around 1 out of 10... and i got my CPM machine too... Doctor advised me to use CPM machine for first 3 weeks for movement because he knows my history of Knee Arthrofibrosis (Scar Tissue) -- i started with 0 - 50 in my first trial Ö it was easy still no pain ...Using the CPM and water cooler at the same time.. had my regular meal and Celebrax with that Ö Later before sleeping my wife gave me some milk with turmeric.. Turmeric is a very important for internal healing and helps in inflammation too..

3rd Day April 27 2012

Got up at around 8 am .. still pain level is minimal .. Last night milk helped me to easily go without using any stool softners Ö.for today i have an Post Op appointment to change my dressing and after that i have my first PT session with Physio...
Reached hospital on time and doctor evaluated my wounds .. and was impressed with swelling level... Water cooler is doing itís magic...† they cleaned everything and explained me about the surgery Ö. After that i went for my first Physio appointment and she evaluated my knee and i could bend around 75 without pain Ö She didnít try hard to bend more... and she did massage on my knee cap and made a chart for me to work on some basic muscle contraction exercises around the knee...
Evening i was feeling a little tired to finally took a tylenol .. havenít touched the vicodins yet.. even though i want to :) just to enjoy....

4th Day April 28 2012

Pain Level - minimal Ö
Today i changed my cpm machine levels (Extension to Flexion) from -4 to 70 Ö so far so good....
moving in an out with crutches Ö watching tv all day or my laptop...

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Re: ACL Reconstruction (Revision) using Allograft
« Reply #1 on: May 03, 2012, 03:37:39 AM »
Day 5,6,7

I feel a little pressure while walking with crutches.. So i can't stand for long time...
today i visited the PT and she was happy with my progress...
i was able to bend at 100 degrees at my physio today.. if try to bend a little more i felt a lot of pressure on the top of my knee..
So i've changed my CPM setting to 0 - 100 today..
Pain level - Minimal ..

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Re: ACL Reconstruction (Revision) using Allograft
« Reply #2 on: August 14, 2013, 05:09:09 AM »
Hi Arora,

I have torn ACLs in both knees and i would like to go in for allograft,
Since i stay in Japan, i would like to fly to US for surgery.

I would appreciate if you can let me know the total costs associated with your surgery back in 2012.
Since i am not a US resident, my insurance would not be covering my surgery.

you can also mail me at [email protected]

Best Regards
Singh Charanjot

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Re: ACL Reconstruction (Revision) using Allograft
« Reply #3 on: November 12, 2013, 11:35:57 PM »
Just an Update after around 18 months...
I am very happy and satisfied with my results so far..
I don't have any pain in my knee  :).
I have started playing Badminton and i can run ..
All Thanks to Dr. Gary Fanton ....

Few things i think were really important in recovery :
  • Regular Physiotherapy - My session was once a week and i was doing regular exercises at home
  • A lot of Rest - I was on break for 6 months
  • Ice Cooler right after my surgery - it helped a lot to control the Swelling
  • CPM - This machine is so helpful in first 10 days.. It won't let the scar tissue build up and knee flexion will be very easy afterwards.

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Re: ACL Reconstruction (Revision) using Allograft
« Reply #4 on: November 13, 2013, 01:47:59 AM »
Congratulations.  What a great feeling to have your mobility back.  Enjoy playing with your kids!