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Author Topic: High Tibial Ostyotomy incomming  (Read 542 times)

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High Tibial Ostyotomy incomming
« on: November 17, 2013, 09:26:26 AM »
hello fellow knee pain sufferers :-\

im 48 and live near bridgend south wales, i have had problems with my knees for about 10 yrs now and have had 3 double knee arthroscopy's to date, the first two were via my gp and NHS and resulted in minor improvements, i can walk but not fast, running/jogging is impossible sitting i have to move legs every few mins and i am in pain (4/10) all day every day, sometimes i have bad days where pain reaches 9/10 and i have to sit every 50 yrds or so, yes i'll admit gets me down and tearfull at times,  i visited my consultant and explained the pain i am in every day and he gave me a prescription for 8 x co-codamol 8/500's........ whoopeeee...   my gp gives me boxes of 100 x 30/500 co-codomal which i take only on bad days.
i went back to gp and was refered to another knee consultant at the local nhs hospital, after months of waiting i had my appointment where he gave me steroid injections to knees and said i was not standing properly and recommended i saw a pediatrist who may help with insoles etc to help posture?.

well i waited and waited and 12 months later ....nothing  so it was back to gp, i explained the pain and gp said the only thing he could do was refer me for double knee replacement, i explained that due to lack of confidence so far i wanted to go private.

well this is where things started to improve, i was given a name of Dave Pemberton by my boss who had his hip done, i made an appointment and had to wait just 2 weeks,  on my 1st visit we went over  my history, i was examined, had xrays and  back in with dave, it was then he explained i had a bow in my legs and i was walking on the inner edges of my knee joints, xrays showed i was bone on bone and he showed me the alignment problem on xray from hip to ankle through knee and i could see it,
he expained that up till now my body had been compensating for my bow but now my knees were failing,
he explained that yes...double knee replacement will be needed but not yet, if this was done it would just be another delay and not a fix, then i found out that i needed a double high tibial ostyotomy  :o
this would put me onto good cartalidge and i should be good for 10 yrs or so before double knee replacements,  he said first he wanted to do a mri scan and then a double arthroscopy of my knees so this was arranged.
i left that day and remember sat in my car in shock......i need my legs broken :-X

i only had to wait 2 days and had my mri scan, this confired everything and in march i had my 3rd arthroscopy, i took a month off work and now im still in pain but knees have improved movement,
i did post a video of my arthroscopy on youtube if anyone is interested...

i visted Dave Pemberton again and i was going to have both legs done i don't get sick pay i wanted to get it over and done with but chatting to people that have had it done i have decided to have right leg done first...then left when im ready, as the saying goes...i wouldn't have a leg to stand on  ;D
so....its set, december 16th 2013 im in at 7am and i have a broken leg for crimbo, son has offered to tinsel wrap my crutches but mrs is going nuts..... :(

why did NHS not identify problem???  why 2 arthroscopys and not diagnosed?   why no understanding of my pain and why no appointment for steroid followup or pediatrist....

my advice...its your life...go least for consultant  and get correct diagnosis, i could have sorted this 10 yrs ago....

i will try and post a post op diary once done...

p.s.   when you tell people you need legs broke isn't it funny how many offers you get lol