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Author Topic: MRI Positive ACL Tear, Latchman Test Negative.... I am confused  (Read 953 times)

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MRI Positive ACL Tear, Latchman Test Negative.... I am confused
« on: November 14, 2013, 09:26:15 AM »
Hello everyone,
I was hopping that someone might have the same experience as me and could share.

Anyway I twisted my knee while playing soccer about a week ago. I felt my knee twist and then it twisted back in position. Needless to say I went down in great pain for about 2 minutes before I got up and walked it off. I did not hear the infamous 'pop' sound. I had no sore or swelling immediately afterwards. I still had my full ROM. But second day I woke up, my left knee hurt alot and some swelling and I could not bear weight on it. Went to see an orthopedic who sent me for an MRI and said I had an ACL tear and tells me that I could have an operation on the day itself which I did not wanted.

Funny thing was that second day, the swelling went down, pain was gone and I could walk with a slight limp but ROM was at maybe 80%? About a 5 days latter with warmup I had 100 % ROM. I went to a second orthopedic (a sports BTW), did a Latchman's test and a whole lot of other physicals test on me and tells me that my left knee seems to be very stable in comparison with my right and he does not think I have a fully torn ACL and I might have some meniscus problems. I was suprized as the MRI said otherwise (MRI also said I had no meniscus problems). He also mentioned to me that if I had a fully torn ACL, I could not have walked into his office after 1 week with no swelling. Tells me to go back hom to do some exercises and come back to see him in 2 weeks.

Anyone had similar experiences?