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Author Topic: Type V TPF pain after several months of walking again  (Read 545 times)

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Type V TPF pain after several months of walking again
« on: November 11, 2013, 09:38:52 PM »
I was in a skiing accident February 23rd 2013, I thought I had just torn my ACL when much to my surprise the doctor tells me I am being prepped for airlift to a major hospital for emergency surgery due to a grade 5 TPF with dislocated knee, torn acl and mcl. HORRIFIED... well another skiier apparently got wasted and skiied off a cliff so he was being airlifted which left me to take a 2hr ambulance ride to another hospital. After arriving at the other hospital the trauma surgeon took one look at my leg and said that I would be lucky if I didnt have to have it amputated and I needed to wait for at least 2 weeks to see if swelling would go down. They couldnt release me from the hospital for 5 days because my pain was so severe I was seizing every few hours from the overload becasue my body doesnt react to pain killers. Well my insurace kicked me out and I laid on a hospital bed in my parents living room for 2weeks awaiting surgery. When I finally did have the surgery I was only supposed to be in the hospital for 2 days which turned into 6 days again because they couldnt keep my pain under control. At the time I was so angry because my body doesnt respond unless its a direct IV but now Im happy because I recovered so much faster since I went off pain meds 2weeks after surgery. skip forward 8months... pain is back and I can barely walk.. anyone else having this issue? I think its my MCL because they couldnt repair that or my ACL during surgery. BTW I have 3 plates and 15 screws in my tibia
2/24 TPF grade V
3/7 Surgery
3 plates 13 screws