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Author Topic: Knee Pain Looking for suggestions  (Read 673 times)

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Knee Pain Looking for suggestions
« on: November 10, 2013, 03:29:13 AM »
Hello All,

       Heres the story. 7 years ago is was playing softball and tore my ACL-MCL-Mencius, as well as a partial tear of the PCL. I had the ACL and Mencius repaired and all was pretty good. Well now I am 45 and a Firefighter and i began having pain again. I had a torn mencius and had Mencius surgery in Sept of 2012 with a microfratcure procedure. Skip ahead to to Jan 2013 and I began have pain on the medial side of my knee again. 2 more MRI's showed bilateral mencius tears again in July followed by another surgery.I am still in pain, I have had A PRP treatment that helped for 2 week. Now the Dr. is trying to get a Euflexxa injection approved by insurance Doctor says i am to young for TKR. I am lost... Any thoughts?  Thanks for reading.