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Author Topic: Broke my knee cap after ACL surgery, did my cerebral palsy cause this?  (Read 1171 times)

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Two weeks ago, I underwent ACL reconstruction surgery on my leg which is mildly affected by cerebral palsy. I stayed in the hospital for two weeks, was given a full leg brace and underwent mild rehab for about a week. Walking about ten minutes a day and practicing using stairs. The day i checked out of the hospital, to get into a taxi, i lifted and twisted my leg, breaking my kneecap in three places. I assumed that since i hadn't put any weight on my leg, it would be fine. Obviously, I was wrong.  I had surgery yesterday to repair my kneecap but am terrified this might happen again. Did my cerebral palsy cause it? Was it the brace for not allowing any "give"? Or was it a freak accident? I am thinking about renting a wheelchair for a few weeks after I get out of the hospital for longer walks. Anybody had a similar experience?

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Re: Broke my knee cap after ACL surgery, did my cerebral palsy cause this?
« Reply #1 on: November 09, 2013, 04:11:56 PM »

bad luck about the patella fracture and subsequent repair.

As to whether or not your CP caused it or not only a specialist can tell you that. However my knee cap fractured during the harvesting of my graft (patella tendon with a bone plug from the knee cap). If you underwent a similar patella tendon autograft, it may well have weakened the patella leaving it in a vulnerable state.

I doubt if the brace had any contributing factor as it is a fairly usual post-operative aid. All the brace should do is stop you from exerting any lateral forces on the graft during its most fragile period.
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