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Author Topic: Not Sure What My Pain Is But...IT HURTS!!!!!!  (Read 502 times)

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Not Sure What My Pain Is But...IT HURTS!!!!!!
« on: November 05, 2013, 10:38:09 PM »
Hi all!

I originally posted this in another section and didn't get any replies so I thought I would try it out here. Hope you can help!

Anyways, I'm not so happy to be back on here :( Well in case you donít remember me Iím a competitive 18 year old female horseback rider who was home schooled because of it. I graduated this year and went pro, not junior pro anymore but full on proÖand I am loving it!!! BUTÖ.MY KNEE ISNíT!!!! And that is what brings me here today.

I have had five knee surgeries total, but to save time, Iíll just tell you about the knee that is currently bothering me. I first underwent a lateral release and medial reefing and didnít get any reliefÖshocker right? In fact, my knee got worse. During an international competition I blew my knee out, but my coach made me keep riding on it (I know, it was a TERRIBLE IDEA!!! And I paid for it later, believe me!). So when I got back to the US, I switched surgeons and had an MPFL reconstruction in 2012 using a cadaver ligament and he also performed a medial meniscus repair.

I went through the necessary PT protocol and went back to riding. Itís been pain free since then until recentlyÖ

Iím just finishing up PT for another surgery (not on my knee- torn labrum and FAI in my hip- opposite leg) when I begin to notice that the pain that I have on the inside of my knee, along the inside joint line has not gone away. It did after surgery, but before my hip surgery I began to have some pain again in my meniscus area but I figured that it would go away while I rehabbed my hipÖWRONG!!!

Here are my symptoms: I canít pivot or twist on it. It is EXTREMELY tender along the joint line. I canít keep it bent for longer than 10 minutes and even that causes me a lot of pain. When I walk sometimes I have to swing it around because it doesnít want to bend or it really hurts me to bend.
But it gets worse: these last few days, I have had VERY MILD patellar femoral pain to accompany this pain. No instability, just some pain on the outside of my kneecap. My PT said sheís tape it for me today.
I have a few questions for you guys:

1.I asked my PT what she thinks this is and she said while it could be a meniscal tear, she thinks itís a bone bruise, but it feels just like my meniscal tear. What do you guys think it is?

2.Why is my patellar femoral pain back? And will it go away when this other pain goes away?

3.Will this require surgical intervention? Iím scared to tell my mom because I donít want to have another surgery. I am 18 though so legally I am responsible for myself, even though my mom is the one who travels to competitions with me.