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Author Topic: Significant & worrisome swelling after lateral release & condroplasty  (Read 2161 times)

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I had lateral release & condroplasty last Wednesday Oct 30th. Had drain inserted in surgery and it was removed the next day by the surgeon.   All was going well until yesterday when my lower leg (calf), ankle, foot and toes started swelling (can't even get a shoe on).  I called a Dr who is a friend as well as the Dr on call and both thought, though I have no lower leg pain, it would still be a good idea to go to ER and get checked for dvt.  Doppler was negative for dvt.  This morning my leg, ankle, foot and toes are even more swollen.  Took a 325mg aspirin to be on safe side.  Am taking 400 mg of celebrex.  Decided to walk around the back yard to keep things moving.  Am also icing for 30 minutes and elevating. Have appointment for PT tomorrow morning.   Anyone else had this problem?  Any advice?   Thank you!! 
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