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Author Topic: Clean up after OATS and torn meniscus  (Read 593 times)

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Clean up after OATS and torn meniscus
« on: October 29, 2013, 12:17:05 AM »
Hello all,

I just had an othroscopy about two weeks ago to (allegedly) clean up some possible rough edges from the OATS procedure I had done a few years ago. I was sure I had a torn meniscus because of the catching and stabbing pain I would get if I turned wrong, but I was told that a needed clean up was surely my problem. Well, it turns out that I DID have a tear, so they smoothed that out as well as what they originally planned. I was told I could do anything that I felt physically well enough to do and completely weight bearing. After a week and a half I was about back to normal and the swelling was down completely.

But the last couple days I have noticed that the catching (can't straighten knee, extremely painful if I try to) is back as well as the random pain. I would say that the catching is even worse now, but maybe it's because of the recent orthroscopy surgery itself. I thought before, and I still do, that something like cartilage is floating around in there or something is torn and needs to be fixed.

My question: Does this seem normal for after surgery? I'm really at a loss as well, because I've been to three orthopedic doctors now for this problem. I have dealt with knee issues all my life (I'm a 28 year old female) as I was born with hereditary Rickets. My regular doctor is really at a loss with me after so many surgeries, so he referred me to a specialist. The specialist told me that I just had arthritis and I just needed to deal with it (I figure I have arthritis but that can't contribute to all the catching). So I went back to the doctor who did the OATS and after seeing recent X-rays and MRI, he then told me that I had the best knee he's ever seen (which no one has ever said to me, ever) but he suggested that I have the orthroscopy, and I did and here I am.

Any suggestions? Thank you in advance!