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Author Topic: Three weeks out from a total knee replacement  (Read 545 times)

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Three weeks out from a total knee replacement
« on: October 25, 2013, 04:48:13 AM »
Hi all. by way of introduction. this is my third operation. due to a childhood accident resulting in a bent femor. and after 40 years of wear I had a femoral osteotomy .with 7 srcrews in 2008. this was a tough op to overcome. and took me some time to recover from with no weight on  it for a month. good ROM. fast forward to 2013 the . so pain was bac.k and collapsing kneea visit to OS resulted in him removing hardware in June. i recovered quickly and was soon walking. went on the list for replacement. was operated on October 3. im still dealing with pain and struggling t nomally like my tummyo find a position to sleep in. My thigh muscles have been weakened by all the surgeries and im trying to do pt st home. i manage the stairs quite well with crutchres. but with cooking as I live alone i use the wheel chair to avoid ud slipping with crutches snd my hands can hold things. interested to talk to anyone else with a similar journey.
wishing you all speedy recovery.