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Author Topic: MCL not healing/re-injury  (Read 1326 times)

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MCL not healing/re-injury
« on: October 28, 2013, 08:13:38 AM »
Hi guys,

So 4 months ago I was tackled in soccer pretty badly, resulting in me tearing my MCL in my right knee. Major swelling. Had a Zimmer on for about 5 days until I took it off to regain some of my bending back. After I was able to slightly bend my knee, I found I could not straighten it at all. Went back to OS who mentioned it could be a meniscal tear and ordered an MRI. Could not put any weight on my leg at this point! (Was on crutches for 8 weeks in total)

Should also mention that for the first 6 weeks, I had no circulation from my knee down to my was stone cold to the touch and often blue and purple (OS didn't have an answer for this).

Anyways, MRI showed a grade II tear of MCL with a bone contusion to tibial plateau, however, it said my meniscus was intact (wasn't able to straighten knee during this time). Started wearing a brace. Started physio same day as MRI and the therapist actively tried to get my leg to straighten by pushing down. Between the pain due to the tender area and the internal pain that felt as if my leg was snapping in half, I was screaming through most therapy sessions.

After 2 months of physio, my extension was consistently 10 degrees for the last month and my flexion was 115. I was leaving for school in a different state and my OS told me to continue physio there and if in 4 more weeks, I still could not straighten and walk properly to come back home and he would do a scope.

Left for school (at which point I had been off crutches for a week but was barely walking with a severe limp) and continued physio there. Saw the sports doc who still thought I might have a tiny meniscal tear that the MRI missed (she said she had seen it happen before). With physio, I now had 135 degree flexion but still 10 degree extension. Walking or standing for long periods of time is difficult. After a month, I called my OS, arranged to take off 2 weeks of school and went home. At my appointment, the OS looked at my knee for 30 seconds and said he changed his mind and to continue physio and that if in another 6 weeks I haven't healed, to come back and he will do a scope. I asked him if its possible the MRI missed a tiny meniscal tear and he said NO, that MRIs are 100% accurate.

Very frustrated at this point...I feel that there is a mechanical block preventing me from straightening leg. My knee is also still swollen on medial side and tender to the touch.

Anyways, 2 weeks after getting back to school after the appointment, I tripped, twisted my knee and fell. Was on crutches the day after and anytime I put weight down, my knee instantly became unstable. There is more pain on medial side now than before, but the most pronounced pain is on the lateral side towards back of knee. Not sure if I tore my hamstring or what? My whole knee is stiff and I can't bend it or straighten as much as before without horrible pain.

Anybody else have similar experience or willing to lend some advice? (sorry I know its a long read...its been a long couple of months)!

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