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Author Topic: MRI Results......Any Help?  (Read 5205 times)

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MRI Results......Any Help?
« on: September 17, 2013, 06:39:36 AM »
Hello everyone!!  First of all let me let you know what happened to me when I hurt my knee.  I was walking down the stairs on 08/25/2013 and over shot a step about half way down with my left leg.  My right knee bent and twisted inward, ended up being dragged behind me and I ended up scrapping the inside of my ankle and the top of my big toe along the way down.  It was immediately painful and I could not walk on it.  Went to ER 3 days later because it was NOT getting any better.....Xrays done (showed no breaks)  referral to OS.  MRI ordered because he was worried about the medial meniscus.  Got my MRI done and let me tell you it hurt so bad (not sure if it was the positioning of the leg or what??!?)!!!  Follow up with doctor and he said that there was no meniscal tear and a slight ACL and a Grade 2 MCL tear.  Wrote a referral for physical therapy that only mentioned the MCL tear.  Should I mention the ACL tear to the physical therapist (have not started yet)?  Still hurts to lie down with it stretched out (it feels like the knee is almost opening up from the medial side), significant pain in the back of my knee when trying to straighten it, and if I hit a bump in the ground just the right way my knee does feel like it is going to buckle!!!

Now I got my results from the MRI and there is so much more listed on there than anything that he discussed......can anyone let me know in english what all of this means.  I have also included a couple pictures.  I feel like I am stressing over nothing!  Thanks in advance!!!

There is increased signal and laxity of the anterior cruciate ligament, consistent with a grade 2 ACL sprain. The PCL is intact. There
are subchondral bone contusions of the posterior lateral femoral condyle, posterolateral tibial plateau and a subchondral trabecular
fracture of the anteromedial tibial plateau.
The MCL is partially torn and has a wavy contour consistent with a grade 2 MCL sprain. The lateral collateral ligament complex is intact.
There are no avulsion fractures.
The medial and lateral menisci are intact. There is degenerative signal in the menisci. No meniscal tear or meniscal capsular separation.
There is chondromalacia in the medial and lateral joint compartments with thinning and fraying of the articular cartilage on both sides of
the joint.
Quadriceps and patellar tendons are intact. There is patella alta and lateral patellar subluxation. There is arthrosis of the
patellofemoral joint with cartilage loss along the lateral patellar facet.
There is a small joint effusion with synovitis. There are small cartilage loose bodies in the suprapatellar joint recess. Hoffa's fat pad
is normal. No Baker's cyst. There is edema in the prepatellar fat.
1. Grade 2 ACL sprain. Grade 2 sprain and partial tear of the MCL.
2. Subchondral trabecular fracture of the anterior medial tibial plateau. Small subchondral bone contusions of the posterior lateral
femoral condyle and posterolateral tibial plateau.
3. Patella alta and lateral patellar subluxation. Arthrosis of the patellofemoral joint. Mild chondromalacia in the medial and lateral
joint compartments.
4. Small joint effusion. Small cartilage loose bodies in the suprapatellar joint recess.
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