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Author Topic: Prev ACLrecon, graft failed, what's this sound!?  (Read 1109 times)

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Prev ACLrecon, graft failed, what's this sound!?
« on: September 08, 2013, 07:51:31 PM »
Hi!  I tried this post on the meniscus board but no replies so far.  Thought I'd try my trusty ACL buddies, as it's all related to the failed ACL graft really.

Having problems (again!) with my knee.  One night I took a video.   :o
Please could you kind people have a quick look and tell me what you think?

Here's the link - please note history of knee trauma listed below!

Does that sound like some kind of loose body / meniscus impingement?  The click is REALLY loud, and comes and goes.  It's not general crepitus, but a specific click, always at the same point of flexion / extension, worse when weight bearing.  I can feel a matching clunk in the joint.  Doesn't feel like patellar.  My knee is mildly swollen and a bit sore at the moment.

I have a history of trauma as follows:
2001 (age 19) - injury resulting in gross instability of left knee.
2001-2005 (age 19-23) - multiple visits to GP re: above, sent away without being examined every time.
2006 (age 23) - MRI revealed complete ACL rupture, medial & lateral bucket handle tears of meniscus.
                        ACL recon. (hamstring), med & lat meniscectomy
                        Also had chipped cartilage off the bone - reemed patch of bare bone down ~1cm
                        During rehab, hamstrings re-tore at donor site
2013 (age 30) - Instability (though not a patch on pre-op).  Consultant opinion is graft failed.
                        Had offers of revision (they say the current graft is doing nothing)
                        Chickened out twice, trying to manage conservatively (don't want to lose any more
                        tendons - my hamstrings have never been the same!)
                        Also, I have some post traumatic arthritis, but not too bad.

Also to note: I am hypermobile, and I'm a shorty at 5'2".  Combination of stretchy tissue and small tendons for trying to harvest makes me doubt an ACL revision will be effective! Hence the conservative path.

I'm no athlete, but I do a lot of dance.  Sadly the list of things I can't do anymore because of my knee seems to grow ever longer. Capoeira (and other twisty type sports) was the first to go, running was next.  Now even walking for a couple of days on uneven ground (festival) seems to stir up no end of trouble.  :'(

So, your opinions would be really helpful for me to decide what my next move is - MRI, surgeon or physio?  I'm pro keeping things non-invasive so I was thinking I might try and get some decent imaging done (MRI), even if I have to fork out for it myself.

Thanks guys!
Elly x
2006- Left hamstring ACL recon
          Med & Lat meniscectomy

2013 - Graft Failed, OA, and some kind of weird popping!?