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Author Topic: Anyone whose had grafts fail repeatedly.....PLEASE help!!!  (Read 11085 times)

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Anyone whose had grafts fail repeatedly.....PLEASE help!!!
« on: December 07, 2005, 12:21:52 AM »

     I am one of the unlucky ones who has "loose ligaments" and am double-jointed.   I was wondering if there are others who may be in the same boat I'm in w/having ligament grafts stretch fairly soon after they are placed.    I have had a Hamstring Autograft done May 01' that failed (could have happened also because of improper technique, a way too aggressive PT protocol, and an underlying Posterolateral Corner deficiency)   My second recon. was April 03' where my ACL was revised w/an Achilles Allograft, and also had my MCL reconstructed w/an Anterior Tibialis Allograft.    I had such severe pain after that surgery in 03' and ever since.    I was involved in a major MVA 22 months ago that certainly worsened things.   This past May, I also had my Posterolateral Corner reconstructed where I suffered so much through EXTREME pain for the past 7+ months now.    I've had 2 MRI's that do show that my recent reconstruction is "wavy" in appearance on the MRI suggesting laxity.   I was also told that the Posterolateral Corner was very loose 3.5 months after the surgery by a highly regarded OS in Georgia.   This most recent MRI where I had Gadolinum dye injected into the joint space also revealed a tear in my MCL graft, a probable PCL injury, and that my revised ACL graft is vertically oriented which means that it may have been placed incorrectly.   YIKES : (    I really am worried about my knee and am wondering if there is something internal that could be the problem?    The OS in Georgia also told me that I have a collagen problem.    I am going to see a Neurologist in 2wks and get some answers.   I am concerned that any further reconstructions that I so critically need may fail.    If there is anyone who can shed some light on this issue I'd be very so grateful.    Please respond if you may have experienced something similiar.   Thanks.


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Re: Anyone whose had grafts fail repeatedly.....PLEASE help!!!
« Reply #1 on: December 09, 2005, 12:03:12 PM »
My OS is also in GA. Do you use the Hughston Clinic? I too am hypermobile. I have had 2 ligament reconstructions on my ankle. The first one was too lose within a matter of months. The second one is lax now. The ankle was stable after the surgery but stretched out pretty rapidly. I am just dealing with it. I just cannot keep having it redone everytime that I stretch  it out. I have had lots of complications with my knee surgeries, I do not know if that is because I am hypermobile or not. New things just keep popping up (or out, LOL).
good luck
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2 arthroscopic,
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2 microfractures
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LOA & PKR 2/15/06
in pain mgmt
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Re: Anyone whose had grafts fail repeatedly.....PLEASE help!!!
« Reply #2 on: December 29, 2005, 05:59:53 PM »
I am 3 months out after having a HTO and ACL reconstruction. I discovered yesterday during a check up that my ACL is lax. I am at a  loss at what to do. PT i know will help but it was not the answer i was looking for.

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Re: Anyone whose had grafts fail repeatedly.....PLEASE help!!!
« Reply #3 on: June 17, 2006, 01:45:57 AM »
I really don't want to make you all feel bad but I've been at it for 18 years. I get it fixed and it stretches back out. So far I've had at least one of each of the following: PCL, MCL, LCL, HTO, Femoral Ost., TKR, Posterior Capsule and Quad Tendon. They used the cadaver with my quad tendon hoping it wouldn't stretch out and ended up taking it out and tried using my hamstring. I now have a 55 lag on a SLR and will fall if my leg isn't completely straight when I put weight on it. (I use a full length leg brace and crutch to walk.) I'm having the whole extensor mechanism replaced in 3 weeks. The OS is going to use a cadaver patella, patellar tendon and quad tendon in place of my own. I didn't know this forum was here and while I don't wish this problem on anyone, it's nice to know there are others out there who understand and have been through it. Good Luck!

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Re: Anyone whose had grafts fail repeatedly.....PLEASE help!!!
« Reply #4 on: December 01, 2010, 02:24:13 PM »
I have had Leeds keogh extensor  mechanism reconstructs
Allograft reconstructions using cadaver Achilles tendons

One of cadavers went badly wrongheaded with rejection infection long hospital stay further surgery iv antibiotics
I had it re done some years later and it's been successful in it's self however as the extensor mechanism us now so thickened it dosent sit in the plated femoral groove I have and I am again subluxing medially

This site is keeping me from going stir crazy today
I have been housebound from a fall injuring my back and now with snow so am working through posts to see who I can help

Grafts can be good but I do think it's very much pot luck
I think if your offered a chance of normality and some help take it
Am at a ' we can't help you anymore junction ' as they fear they could make me worse
Worse !!!! Right now I would opt for fusion or amputation so great is the impact this is all having on my quality of life
If I can help you at all please ask
Long suffering hypermobile lady has had 73 ops to shoulders elbows knees and back mobile and worn .accepting of disability but not of immobility It's my battle and I want to win Knees : ttt , patellectomies,numerous Leeds keogh reconstructs, allograft x3 ,numerous scopes and debridments,nuromas etc

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Re: Anyone whose had grafts fail repeatedly.....PLEASE help!!!
« Reply #5 on: February 26, 2014, 04:33:14 AM »
I know this topic hasn't been touched for a while but it may help someone out there. I have hyper mobility and have had 2 failed surgeries now. But I believe that I can contribute to the question of continued laxity in acl repairs. The first surgery I had used my hamstring, (a soft tissue graft) I was not satisfied at all with the end results of this graft. When I went back to sparring, my knee slipped on me repeatedly and quickly failed soon after. The second surgery I had was with a BTB patellar tendon allograft and it did not have laxity issues like my hamstring graft did. BTB grafts tend to do much better in hyper mobile patients because the bone on bone healing is easier and starts a good foundation for the rest of the healing and ligamentization of the graft. This graft failed for other reasons because of my complex injury to my knee, but the acl was always tighter then my natural acl.