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Author Topic: MRI results- possible graft failure  (Read 1408 times)

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MRI results- possible graft failure
« on: July 13, 2013, 04:00:49 AM »
Can anyone help interpret these MRI results?

"There is indistinctness of the ACL graft fibers, suggestive of at least partial thickness tearing. However, there are no acute bone contusions in the lateral femorotibial compartment."

"Diffuse, moderate to high-grade thinning of medial femorotibial compartment with mild reactive subchondral marrow change in medial femoral condyle. No medial meniscal retear."

Any help is apperciated.

Long story short. I had a ACL allograft last year. Lots of pain lately and difficult walking. My primary care physician sent me for a second opinion after first Ortho recommended knee replacement due to arthritis. I'm 44 so a little young for knee replacement. The second Ortho ordered an MRI as the spacing in the knee looked acceptable on xray and not indicating the need for a replacement. He noted laxity in the knee, as have I in certain positions. He thought perhaps a torn meniscus. Looking at this report it may be that the allograft ACL is failed/ tore at some point. Anyone know what these interpretations might mean?
2010- ACLr with patella autograph.
2011- retore ACLr with tibialis allograft
2012- graft failure/ debridement with bone grafts
2012- ACLr with patella allograft
2013- MRI showed allograft had disintegrated positive lachman and pivot shift test