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Author Topic: ACL and MPFL tear plus partial tear of Meniscus.  (Read 636 times)

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ACL and MPFL tear plus partial tear of Meniscus.
« on: July 11, 2013, 05:28:15 AM »
Hello there, new to the forum.

I'm looking for some other input on my recent injury and upcoming surgical procedure.

So here's the skinny.  I'm a 26 yr old male in good shape.  I've played basketball/soccer my whole life and take pride in being pretty good.  Anyway, on memorial day weekend I was playing basketball and dislocated my right patella.  There was no contact, I simply jumped for a lob (bad pass) and had to come down without finishing.  When I landed I saw my knee dislocate then pop back into place.  Very painful and not something I'd like to repeat. 
Yesterday I finally got my MRI (thanks Navy for taking so long) and went over the results today with my doctor. 
Diagnosis was a completely torn ACL and MPFL, partially torn meniscus, with bone bruises and a little free floating cartilage that needs to be removed. 
Initally, before the MRI he only thought I had a torn MPFL, my knee was too stiff and swollen to see the ACL was torn (I even had the KT-1000 test and scored 15 on both knees) and we were only going to reconstruct the MPFL. 
Now that we have the full information my doctor is hesitant to reconstruct the ACL and MPFL simultaneously because he fears I may "lose mobility" in the knee.  His advice is to reconstruct the ACL, put a stitch in the meniscus and clear the loose cartilage but hold off on the MPFL and just let it form scar tissue while doing rehab. 
He says that if, later on after i recover from the ACL, i still feel unstable in that knee and think it may give out again that we can try to fix the MPFL then but, as I mentioned, is cautious of repairing both ligaments in one shot.

Any one knowledgeable on this subject have any input?  Have any of you torn both and had both reconstructed in the same surgery?  What are the risk vs reward for doing them both.?
Any constructive input would be greatly appreciated. 

I hope to be able to return to my former grandeur on the court and the pitch with out any limitations.  Ideally, I'd like to be able to dunk again in under a year haha. 

Thanks in advance!