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Author Topic: Plica synovialis cannot be caused by accident?  (Read 626 times)

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Plica synovialis cannot be caused by accident?
« on: July 10, 2013, 08:53:36 PM »
Please let me introduce myself: I am kind of new here. I found this website by surfing on the internet for answers.

Maybe it is best to give you the whole story first:

I am a citizen of The Netherlands in Europe where cycling is very common. I dare to say the no other country in the world has as much bicycles in comparison to inhabitants. Further I am hooked to snowboarding, cycling and running. I used to practice sports 5 days a week for an average of 1.5 hours a day. Until that day.

In September of 2011(!) I was hit by a car totally beyond my fault while I was on my way to work in the morning. I was hit on the right side and the car did hit my knee. Police came, ambulance came. The driver immediately admitted he was wrong.  Ambulance medics examined my knee and concluded I did not need to go to the hospital but was recommended to inform the family doctor. What I did the next day.

She told me my knee could remain painful for a time. Because she did not specify exactly how much time it would take to recover I went to see her again 10 weeks later when my knee was still causing me pain. She referred me to a physiotherapist specialized in treating people who often practice sports.

After about 12 weeks the physiotherapist gave up on me because the physical complaints did not go away whatever exercises he prescribed and did with me when I was with him. So back to the family doctor. She arranged a photo of my knee in hospital for me on which there was nothing to see. 

All this time my life was standing still. No sports whatsoever because every movement was causing pain.

She then referred me to a specialized clinic with a orthopedist for knee and joint treatment. Again a lot of exercises which did not make the pain go away so a scan of my was made but the scan showed no physical trauma or damage to the knee.

So again back to exercises which did not help and eventually the orthopedist decided to operate on me. This operation took place on in March of 2013. So 18 months after the accident.

When I woke up after the operation the orthopedist who performed surgery on me was very happy he decided to do it because it turned out there was a plica synovialis in my knee. Later I was explained that this sort of thing is very hard to diagnose and is not visible on photo's or scans.

But this is just background information. Just as this: in the Netherlands one is usually offered assistance after an accident so a victim is helped in for instance filling a claim. This also happened to me and I was immediately advised to contact a lawyer as soon as it became clear the pain in my knee was not going away. I contacted my insurance and the assigned me a lawyer which had a medical advisor.

Last month I received a notice from my lawyer that although medical records from the last six years had shown that I had no physical trauma whatsoever especially not to my knee, the medical advisor's professional opinion was that a plice synovialis like mine could not have been caused by the accident.

Always in excellent physical health. Hit by a car. A knee that causes you to quit doing everything that makes life beautiful: sports (for me at least). And then to come to the conclusion that there is no evidence to link the plica synovialis to the accident?

Ofcourse (and this is what you all have probably understood immediately) this is about money. Even in The Netherlands damages could be as high a Euro 15.000 for these two years of pain and loss of life. But I already saw this go up in smoke when I received that letter from that medical advisor.

I then went to university where I talked to one of my old professors specialized in medical law and he advised me look for scientific research publications or PhD publications on the subject of plica synovialis and especially about what can be the cause of it.

So now my question to you all is: does anyone know where to look for scientific publications on the plice synovialis or does anyone know any already?

My sincere thanks for helping me out.

And should this post not be posted correctly or in the wrong place I apologize in advance.
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