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Author Topic: Patella Realignment and Lateral Release  (Read 442 times)

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Patella Realignment and Lateral Release
« on: July 09, 2013, 11:55:26 PM »
On March 8 I injured my knee while training with trainer kick boxing.  I had to wait till May 23 to get the surgery.  When I finally did, and hour and a half surgery ended up taking 3 hours.  The doctor said I was on the verge of a dislocation, so he had to move the knee cap quite a bit, he also had to make a deeper groove so that my knee cap would sit properly, on top of that I also had a lateral Release.  The first week of recover was extremely hard, I was put in a straight leg brace which I don't think the nurses placed on me properly, but that is here nor there.  I was in PT within 7 days.  I started with the simple stuff, calf stretchs, leg kicks out to the front, side, and back, and then crossing in front of my body.  Squats, all this is done between 2 paralel bars.  4 Weeks into it, i finally got on the bike, I could only go half way, not all the way around.  By the end of the 5th week I started to go all the way around.  I also do an E-Stim machine that is on my entire thigh muscle.  I go to PT 3 times a week, on off days I do the exercises they tell me to do at home. 

As of today I have been in Therapy for 6 weeks, my progress is as follows:
105 degree bend with doctor
95 using my own muscles
I can ride the bile for 10 min.
I only where my brace which is at a 20 degree bend, I don't have the quad strength to come out of it yet.
I CANNOT do a straight lef raise laying or sitting down.  I can do it with my brace on in a 0 degree locking position.  This is what I am worried about, the Ortho say I am just slow, and the quad is just not firing "yet".  He tells me not to worry.  But I am worried, my PT doctor says I should be able to do it by now.  And more than anything I want out of this brace so I can start living my normal life again.

Any tips anyone has to help me with this, and how I can strengthen my quad faster would be much appreciated.  I have all the strength in my side and back quad muscles, but nothing in my front.  I did not on the E-Stim Machine on Monday my quad start to contract at a much lower setting than normal.

How can I get out of my brace sooner.  And has anyone had this surgery, what was your recovery time.

Thank you