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Author Topic: Running good for VMO strengthening?  (Read 684 times)

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Running good for VMO strengthening?
« on: July 09, 2013, 12:42:11 PM »

I am looking for some input into my recovery strategy. I injured my knee two years ago now. Following the incident,the knee was painful for a few days when I put weight on it, but this subsided after a week or two. Numerous doctors and physios have reported that there is no ruptured ligaments or severe ligament damage. I have, however, experienced wastage of the VMO muscle on the affected leg. I beleive that as a result of this my knee cap i mistracking and is aggravating my knee. Even though I experience crepsis (sp), I am not feeling to much in the way of pain. The obvious solution to this problem is to increase VMO mass back to "normal".

My question regards the exercises to achieve this goal. Following physio advise I perform (unweighted) squats and straight leg raises. I also stretch my hamstrings as I am led to believe tight hamstrings can hamper progress. I perform these exercises almost every day and have done for over a year now, yet still I do not see much change in the size of the VMO (compared to the healthy leg). I have noticed that the vastus laterallis ( big outer thigh muscle) has increased in size, however, which just adds to the problem. Prior to my injury I did a fair bit of running, which I have since ceased as I was under the impression that it would aggravate the knee futher. However, now I wonder whether the lack of any form of natural exercise (i.e. running) is hampering the VMO growth as the main exercise my legs do is walking which does not work the VMO much, if at all. Does anyone have any input into this suggestion- is running going to help my knee "get back to normal"?

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Re: Running good for VMO strengthening?
« Reply #1 on: July 09, 2013, 04:04:42 PM »
If you aren’t experiencing pain, you could feasibly give any activity a try. Pain is the key. But bear in mind, running is just not a great activity for knees in general. I do agree and understand your point of “natural activity.” In my experience, it’s only when I return to more natural activities, (rather than just the structured strength building exercises of PT) that I’ve really experienced that push over the hill so to speak in how my knee feels.

But start slow, and talk to your PT about what your knee is ready for. Possibly even start with something that his less impact on your knees – like cycling?
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