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Author Topic: help with mri results. is surgery in my future?  (Read 5311 times)

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help with mri results. is surgery in my future?
« on: July 03, 2013, 12:29:58 AM »
I recently injured my knee thanks to my 100 lb dog. I just got my mri results and I'm trying to figure out if surgery is in my future. If so what will the extent of the surgery be. I've had 3 surgeries in the past but this is the most extensive mri result ive received.
There is an ovoid, complex, lobulated parameniscal cyst (10 x20 mm) arising along hoffa's fat pad at the anterior intercondylar notch adjacent to the lateral meniscus ventral root ligament which represents a tear.
the medial meniscus is normal and morphology and signal intensity.
the anterior cruciate ligament demonstrates thinckening with intasubstance signal abnormality representing a partial thickness and  imtasubstance tear.  Of note, the parameniscal cyst extends into the reason of the tibial attachment of the anterior cruciate ligament.
the posterior cruciate ligament is normal and morphology and signal intensity. the medial collateral ligament, lateral collateral ligament complex and patellar tendon are normal and morphology and signal intensity. A punctate enthesophyte arising along the quadriceps tendon attachment to the patella.
there is a physiologic amount of fluid in the joint space. trace semi membraneous bursal fluid is identified.
the marrow signal demonstrates no infiltrative process. A subchondrial cyst is identified within the midline tibial plateau.
there is a slight patellar tilt. the tibial tubercle to trochlear groove distance is 8 mm. there is a pateller articular cartilage signal cartilage signal heterogeneity. No osteochondral defect, fracture or significant cartilage loss is identified.
1. large, avoid parameniscal cyst adjacemt to a torn lateral meniscus dorsal root ligament.
2. Partial thickness intrasubstance anterior cruciate ligament tear.Of note, the parameniscal cyst extends along the anterior cruciate ligament attached to tje tibia.
3 slight lateral patellar.