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« on: June 02, 2013, 01:36:13 PM »
hi everyone, i am from Turkey. i have been written some message on the site earlier. i have a car accident 6 months ago and i had a surgery for tibial plateau fracture, i also have cartilage damage in my knee and 5 mm depression. i have 3 screws from my operation and i had thought doctors fixed the depression but when i went to another doctor i was told that they didn't fixed the depression part and the fixation of depression is too hard now. So my new doctor decided to not fix the depression part. he recommend prp injection and glukosamin pills for the treatment of cartilage damage. but i think this treatments are temporary. is there anyone else gone for prp injections? is there any pain relief? if you share your experience with me i will be thankfull..
11/2012 tpf as result of hit by car
11/2012 surgery 3 screws
07/2013 prp injections 3 times