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Author Topic: Looks like it has to come out AGAIN  (Read 1414 times)

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Looks like it has to come out AGAIN
« on: May 27, 2013, 05:40:55 PM »
HI, new here, so I'll try to be brief. Just looking for some similar testimony and empathy for what I have been going through.
Here's a run down of the past:
2007-TKR, right knee. Soft tissue pain and swelling from the get go.
2008- Total synovectomy to remove massive amount of scar tissue in said knee. Different surgeon. Was suppose to be a Revision, but when he opened me up, he thought the replacement looked fine.
2008-2010- Same surgeon gives me 10 cortisone shots and removes gallons of fluid from my knee, over that time period. Same problem with continued swelling and pain.
2011-New surgeon, revision specialist. MRI shows original implant is 28degrees off. (Still not clear what that means, but it's not suable) Surgery to replace it is performed, but there is an infection, so I come out of that surgery with a temporary knee and go on antibiotics for 6 weeks of hell.
Jan. 2012-Temporary knee comes out and knee replacement in. Heals up, no problems. Get ROM up to 110.
Oct. 2012- Pain in knee cap- it's desenagrating!! Back in to resurface the kneecap. Heal up, everything okay, it will NEVER be great.
March 2013- Start with level 6-8 pain in the top area of my tibial?? Never had that before. Go in for xrays, well now the bone in the tibia has pulled away from the replacement and is just floating in there, loose as a goose.
Blood work shows no infection, but surgeon says the whole thing has to come out. Am going to wait till Jan2014. So for now, it's back on the pain pills I had finally weaned myself off of!!

Anyone had a similar experience and can give some advise. I am a 59 year old female, I weigh 129, I work part time as a hairstylist and I don't do anything that might compromise what was suppose to give me a new lease on life. HA.
Thanks, #6next
ps. #6 refers to how many times my Quad has been sliced through to get to the knee.