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Author Topic: Increased knee pain/pressure while in water. No diagnosis  (Read 604 times)

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Increased knee pain/pressure while in water. No diagnosis
« on: April 30, 2013, 06:20:32 AM »
Hello, I am new to this page and to knee problems, so please forgive my lack of terminology knowledge. I have recently had issues appeared with my right knee only. It feels like there is pressure behind my knee. Not a sharp pain, more of a full ache which sometimes travels to my kneecap. The day that it started I went swimming that night. I noticed that while in the water, and in subsequent baths since, there is increased pressure in and around the knee. It returns to the full ache once it is out of water. I have been to a chiropractor and have a doctor appointment next week. The chiropractor says my pelvic bone is rocked back some on that side and the muscle pulling on the inside of the knee could be causing nerve problems which could cause this. Other than that, he has no idea and neither do I. I have surprisingly not been able to find any information similar to what I am experiencing. Praying someone can shed some light on the issue. Thank you so much for your time!