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Author Topic: A Ribbon, A Box and The Moonwalk  (Read 5277 times)

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A Ribbon, A Box and The Moonwalk
« on: September 25, 2013, 03:21:14 PM »
     Being new to this knee game(9/5/13) I have found a couple of things that have helped me immensely. I had a patella fracture and was in a brace for two weeks before I could have surgery. I am currently five days post-op.

     The second day I came home after the original injury on 9/5 and realized that I would not be able to move my own leg I tied a two foot piece of ribbon around the two lower straps of velcro to basically create a crane for my leg. Instead of having to grasp the whole brace to lift I simply picked up my leg with the ribbon and "slung" it wherever I needed for it to be. My ortho said it was a brilliant idea...LOL. It just seemed like common sense. I also have had two people at stores see me and tell me they wish they had thought of it when they were in knee braces. I also use it to walk around and essentially just pulled my leg around. Since I could put weight on my leg, but not use my quad muscle this helped immensely.

     I also found that because I had limited mobility it was really hard to keep up with my day to day things that I now needed, because I couldn't just hop up and grab them with ease. I bought a flat plastic box with a removable lid called a "document keeper" that I keep my meds, Kindle, cell phone, little note pad and Dr. info in. When I am in my wheelchair I can use it to write on and put my little computer on. Everything is in one place and it has helped me with organization through this ordeal.

     The last thing, the Moonwalk, is not a product, but a silly way to get around after the surgery. Because I can weight bear I can walk around, but I do not want to strain my quad muscle which then pulls on my patella. Instead of having to keep up with my crutches(a near to impossible task for me apparently) I have started walking backward around the house....LOL. I just kind of drag my bad leg. I figure it is good for my hamstrings, too.

     Maybe everyone else has already done all of this, but I thought I would just throw it in case they haven't!

Cheers, Christina