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Author Topic: need help understand results from a mri on my knee  (Read 6191 times)

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need help understand results from a mri on my knee
« on: April 13, 2013, 09:22:20 PM »
Findings: There is a small to moderate-sized jint effusion. No Baker cyst is seen. The patellar retinacula and patellar tendon are intact.
   Considerable chondromalacia is seen in the lateral facet of the patella, to include a 1-cm area of full thickness loss of articular cartilage There is minimal lateral hypertrophic change at the patellofemoral joint as well. Mild subcortical edema is seen in the patellar bone.
   Medially, there is mild thinning of the articular cartilage and minimal marginal hypertrophic change. Horizontal linear high signal is seen in the middle third of the meniscus extending peripherally. This does not communicate with the free articular surfaces. The meniscal capsular attachment is intact and the root of the meniscus remains atteched to the proximal tibia. The medial collateral ligament is intact.
   Laterally the articular cartilage is maintained. The meniscus is intact and the lateral collateral supporting structures are normal, to includethe fibular collateral ligament.
    The anterior cruciate ligament contains normal collagen. The posterior cruciate ligament is unremarkable.
    There are oval shaped areas of a persistant low signal intensity in a synovial recess about the posterior aspect of the knee joint adjacent to the posterior cruciate attachment. These are compatible with osteochonromas measuring 7-8 mm in size.

result impression

1. joint effusion
2. promient chondromalacia patella, to include full-thickness loss of articular cartilage on the lateral facet.
3. Internal degeneration versus small peripheral tear of the medial meniscus.
4.  Mild chondroalacia in the medial compartment.
5. osteochondromas