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Author Topic: Hello! :)  (Read 7954 times)

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Hello! :)
« on: April 11, 2013, 01:49:02 AM »
Hello everyone!

This seemed the most appropiate place to make my first post! A bit about me, my names Tom, 25 year old from Kent, UK. Strong sporting background (Football/Rugby/Basketball/Athletics/Cricket/Hockey) however these filtered out to Rugby and Football after school, I stopped playing Rugby after tearing my acromioclavicular ligament (playing Football!) while at Uni. I still play Football, that was until a couple of months ago!

10th Feb I was playing Football, as I sprinted towards two players (who were spriting towards me) we collided, my right leg just collapsed beneath me and I fell to the floor in agony, turns out the outside of my right knee was one point of impact. This in addition to the ground being moderately soft and going from a full sprint to quickly deaccelerating (anticipating the collision) meant that my knee just blew out and dislocated (with patellar subluxation) when struck. Several seconds after hitting the floor I felt a fuzzy ping and a warm sensation travel up my leg (I thought at the time my leg was broken and this might have been blood spurting up my leg!), turns out this was my patello-femoral ligament. Rushed to A+E, morphine, foot grabbed and rotated in towards my left leg and it all popped back together.

Initially it was thought that my patellar had subluxated medially rather than laterally, turns out it was my femur.

Patello-femoral ligament rupture, complete ACL tear, mid-substance grade III MCL tear, possible rupture of patellar ligament, possible meniscus damage (although the MRI showed none).

I had a cast for 4.5 weeks to immobilise my knee and allow the MCL injury to stabilise, had 4 weeks of physio (once a week however no hands on from Physio as I'm only increasing ROM/increasing quad strength, additionally I can't weight bare). Turns out I also have a valgus leg now too! On having my calf off my knee flexion was between ~5 and ~20 degrees, 4 weeks on I'm just short of 0 degrees and worked my way upto ~80 degrees.

Got my next consultation tomorrow, hopefully I'll find out the date of my exploratory op then soon after my ACL recon.

I've read a couple of posts on here in the past however thought I'd sign up as even though I feel confident in what I need to do in my rehab I'm sure I'll have some questions and occasionally need someone to lean on (metaphorically!) ;)

All the best!

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Re: Hello! :)
« Reply #1 on: January 18, 2017, 07:46:52 PM »
I know this site is all about knees, but, I'm hoping I can learn something about svf - and now I have 17 posts...
Tom Ulcak

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Re: Hello! :)
« Reply #2 on: April 08, 2017, 02:36:57 PM »
Hi :)