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Author Topic: Sorry long but need advise please  (Read 7976 times)

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Sorry long but need advise please
« on: April 10, 2013, 09:32:10 PM »
Hi, just looking for some advise and experiences which might help me know what to do now. I apologise that this is a bit long but thanks for reading.

So the background is when I was 10 I first dislocated my knee. Over the next few years my knee disclocated and sub-luxed regularly til I had a lateral release when I was 14. Problem solved until I was 18 and tore my ACL in South Africa. I was put in plaster toe to hip which had to be removed to fly home. When I got home the injury was dismissed by doctors here and I carried on. For the next 10 years or so my knee was ok, painful if I did too much but that was just kind of normal for my knee and I was able to put up with it and live my life. The last year though my knee has got progressively worse so that I cannot do everyday things without serious pain, it grinds when I do things like walk up stairs and seems to catch regularly causing momentary excruciating pain. I'm have 3 young children and am a primary school teacher and I cannot do the things I would normally do and keep having to have time off work. Its frustrating, painful and depressing.
Anyway a few months ago after an MRI scan I was told I had osteoarthritis in my knee and a meniscal tear. So I had an arthroscopic repair of my meniscus and trimming of the damaged cartilage and wash out of the joint. After this the surgeon told me he was surprised by the extent of the damge to my knee and told me it was bone on bone. When I saw him a few weeks later he also told my ACL had completely gone but that there was nothing else he could do. He suggested if it was still problematic a few months down the line to see a patello-femoral specialist. He said I had grade 3-4 degenerative changes of the patella and an ACL deficient knee.
So a few months down the line my knee is no better and I saw a specialist yesterday. As soon as I saw him he was not interested in my knee but got me to do various things like bending my thumbs back, straightening my knees back etc. He then told me I had hypermobility and this was the root cause of my knee problems. The outcome was he said I needed to see a physio and improve my general core strength and this would solve my knee problems. He said the changes in my knee were common and normal and shouldnt cause any problems. To be honest he was really interested in my knee, examining it or taking account of the opinion of the previous surgeon. In fact he dismissed he views (despite the fact he had recently seen inside my knee) and looked purely at a year old x-ray.

I've now looked up hypermobility as he advised and yes that is so me from the painful, aching joints and ribs which pop in and out of postion to the problems with low blood pressure. I could list the things which now seem to be down to hypermobility that I've always just ignored or got on with, I mean these things are normal for me.

But now I'm wondering how is it that my one knee is so much worse than anything else and can strenthening my core muscles really get rid of the grinding, catching and daily horrible pain? Can it really get my life back? Are the changes in my knee normal? And what should I do now?

I'd really appreciate hearing anyone elses experiences to try to work this out. Thank you for reading this far and I look forward to hearing your experiences.