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Author Topic: Major swelling and increasing pain despite rest but no traceable trauma  (Read 1634 times)

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I am a 41-year old male 192 lbs.  I was experiencing some very minor knee soreness last week while I was working out.  I was in the gym every day M-F and did a variety of exercises including on Wed hack squats, lunges, kettlebells and the leg extension machine.  I've done all of these regularly, except lunges and the leg extension machine.  But I did not push the weight and instead did high reps on all.  I also for the first time in awhile did air squats with the bosu ball upside down to work on balance etc.  My right knee was a little sore but I didn't experience any obvious trauma.

Three days later, on Saturday evening, after spending the day sitting around with the kids and taking a leisurely stroll through some gardens, my knee started getting more painful.  I woke up that night with major swelling and pain that made it difficult to sleep.  I spend Sunday with it elevated and iced 15 minutes each hour and started on 800mgs of ibuprofen. It seemed a little better that evening but woke me up again.  I did the same thing yesterday and finally went into the mediclinic.  The doc said he thought it could be a tear in the meniscus or the ACL, but to just rest it for now.  He did give me a brace and put me on Celbrex 200mg 2x/day and tylenol with codeine.  I rested it again today and have been taking the meds but the pain is getting worse.  I feel it mainly when I bend the knee and it seems to be below the knee cap with worse pain about 1/2 inch below than right below.  The swelling is on the inside of the knee but also in the cap.  It feels like there's an indentation (from swelling?) on the inside about an inch below the knee cap.

Any thoughts on what this is and how long to wait/what to look for before going back to the doc?  I'm especially puzzled because I can't figure out what triggered it and yet the pain is pretty bad.

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cartilage like the meniscus start to wear with age, and injuries to them (and other parts of the body including the ligaments) can happen with pretty minimal force. Most doctors seem to prefer to wait for the swelling to go down a bit before they will do an MRI or for them to be able to do manual tests. If they do the manual tests (where they move your leg in certain positions to check for various things) when it's so sore and swollen, you end up guarding it and the tests do not work correctly. I had my MRI after about 2 weeks or so. It was still swollen but not nearly like it was. I'd follow up with the doctor once the swelling decreases and see what he'd like you to do next.