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Author Topic: Help!! My other knee and R elbow are bad too!!  (Read 2186 times)

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Help!! My other knee and R elbow are bad too!!
« on: July 31, 2002, 08:05:22 AM »
I GIVE UP!! >:(My right knee is 5 weeks post-op and now I have pain in my left knee and right elbow!! It's the same type of pain as my right knee pre-op. It's a deep pain not a soft tissue pain and there is little or no swelling but it HURTS!! Does anyone have any ideas??

Oh by the way, my OS said if I had my 90-100 degrees ROM by my appt. yesterday then I could get rid of my brace;D Well I get to my appt and I have an easy 100 degrees and a HUGE smile when he walks in...You'd think he'd say "That's great!! You can ditch the brace now." NOOOOO!! He said "That's great! A lot better than I expected! Now two more weeks in the brace and you can ditch it!" That's what he said two weeks ago at my last appt!! Can Dr.'s EVER make up their minds?!?!

Sorry to vent but I'm a little frustrated...thought I was doing great but just getting disappointed:'(

I had a modified Trillat TTT and LR done on 6/26/02
Original injury in October of 1998 due to a horseback riding accident

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Re: Help!! My other knee and R elbow are bad too!!
« Reply #1 on: July 31, 2002, 01:36:14 PM »
You are doing great if you are at 100 degrees ROM at five weeks post op! I know it's horrible to be stuck in the brace for another two weeks but just think how much worse it would be if you took it off and then fell or twisted it.
Two weeks isn't that long in the scheme of things. Just keep going and you will be fine.
When i was on crutches post TTT and LR my other knee started hurting really badly - sometimes i felt i needed the crutches for that one, instead of the operated one! But it settled down in the end and now both are fine.
Feel free to mail me if you want to vent - i'm happy to help if i can,
03/95 - LR on left knee, 08/95 - LR on right knee, 03/98 - failed TTT left knee. Several scopes. 12/01 TTT and LR on left knee. Great for a while but now more problems.