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Author Topic: A lifetime of knee pain - two osteotomies and two shortened tendons later......  (Read 781 times)

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I have been to orthopedists offices for my entire life (as early as 1 years old when I refused to walk because it hurt).  4 years ago I had two osteotomies and I thought that this would be the end of the knee pain.  I was great for several years.  However, in the past year or so, the pain has gotten more intense to the point where I am waking up in the middle of the night in pain (with or without meds - it doesn't matter).  I don't kneel, I don't run, I don't jump (never have).  It hurts to walk up stairs, it hurts after I exercise, it hurts before I exercise.  Because of health issues, I can't take Ibuprofen type meds and, to tell you the truth, meds don't do diddly squat for me anyway.  I am not complaining - just stating what is going on.

I have been to Johns Hopkins (two years ago) and they sent me away saying that they hate folks like me because there is nothing that can be done (what??).  My original surgeon sent me away (after many shots in the knees) saying that there is nothing he can do.  I have a new doctor and he said that I have shortened tendons and that one of my knees looks like there is bone on bone (the other looks like it has a tiny bit of cartilage).  I was shocked when the new doc said that I might need to have knee replacements. What?  I did the osteotomies so that I wouldn't have to have knee replacements.  I thought that the pain was just in the tendons, but he thinks it is both tendon and bone related.  I have my MRI tomorrow and what I want to know is if anyone else has had the same issue.  I know that I am not alone (even though it feels like it).  What has worked for you?  Has anyone done anything to replace the cartilage (Osteochondral grafting seems to be the most popular) and did it work?  I am only 44 years old (so, really too young for TKR)......

Any suggestions or ideas or thoughts are much appreciated!

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Taaron -While my history not the same, my right knee has similar issues (minus the diagnosis of shortened tendons).  I had osteochondral grafting at 36 and it lasted about 6 months before pain came back -no one could explain or understand why, but that should have lasted at least 10 years.  After that failed, I was told I either needed PKR (partial knee replacement) or patella removal.  Opted for PKR, & have problems with that also.  So nearing 40 & will likely need TKR soon.  The way I see it is that technology is improving all the time & if I have to have revision of TKR in 15-20 years, then that one should be far better that what is available now & should last the rest of my life.  I also want to be able to be active now, not wait 'til I'm "old enough". 

I am glad that you have found an OS who who thinks he can help you, as that is sometimes very difficult as it seems you know all too well.  Make sure his reasoning is sound and that what he thinks the outcome will be matches your expectations.  Good luck & I hope the MRI gives some useful information.  No one here will think your complaining about your situation, we're all in a similar boat.  Take care-A
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After that failed, I was told I either needed PKR (partial knee replacement) or patella removal.  Opted for PKR, & have problems with that also.

FMR did you have a patella replacement ?  If you dont mind my asking, what problems have you had with it since?