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Author Topic: Denovo NT graft - 1.5 cm defect on patella  (Read 1302 times)

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Denovo NT graft - 1.5 cm defect on patella
« on: March 29, 2013, 11:27:14 PM »
After reading these forums for many months, it was finally my turn for surgery. A year ago I ran a lot and somehow cracked and tore a part of cartilage under the knee cap.mthe MRI showed this defect in the lateral femoral condyle area but after the arthroscopy it showed to be closer to the Trochlea groove. After it was confirmed, he proceeded with the Denono NT implantation. I believe he only used 1 pack of Denovo but not sure. The surgery went well and I was discharged the same day with a CPM unit, straight leg brace locked at 0, and a nerve block catheter that was already inserted by the main nerve in my right leg.

Post Op day 1 - I don't feel much pain at all but some discomfort from the leg being so numb. I have used the CPM 10 hours total and using it at 0-30 deg the day of operation and now at 36 degrees. It doesn't hurt because of the nerve block.

Can I keep increasing flexion if its comfortable or will I damage the Denovo?
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Re: Denovo NT - Chondrol defect outer Trochlea groove
« Reply #1 on: April 04, 2013, 01:12:17 AM »
Post Op Day 6

Each day is the same for me; 2 hours cpm 1 hour ice until I get 6-8 hours total of CPM. My surgeon only mentioned a minimum of 6 hours per day and ice as much as I can to keep swelling at a minimum. I started with 30 degrees on day 1 and have increased 5-10 deg per day. On day 6 I am now at 70 degrees flexion without any pain. Oddly enough, I haven't had much pain at all with the knee when using the cpm, resting, or icing.mmy swelling has been minimum for the most part but still a little. My foot, calf, shin, and ankle have all remained perfect showing no signs of clotting, pain, or swelling. I can't see the incision because of the white strips of tape on it but it seems okay with no redness, infection, or itching. I have only needed to use Percocet once for pain and that was just a burning type of pain post op day 3.

I was given a femoral nerve block that lasted 2 days post op. it was a catheter inserted along the nerve and a pouch I had to carry that release 5cc per hour of the nerve block fluid. I think this saved me from dealing with pain the first 2 days but I still haven't had any pain at all.

The pain that I do feel is pain from when I move my leg wrong and its a VERY strong achy/dull pain that shoots right the spot of the Denovo implant. I believe he only only used 1 pack.

I have needed help every single day because I can't put any weight on the the leg and I have lost 90% of my quad strength. I just had my first day of physical therapy and was explained what I had to do on my own. She tried to stretch my quad while I was on my stomach and holy crap that hurt my knee soooooo bad at that one spot.

My surgeon's notes said that I can proceed with full ROM on the CPM but I am still going to take my time and not overdue it. My goal is to be at 90 degrees post op day 8-9.

I will continue to update this diary so others can use for reference. The key to keep the swelling down is to ice one hour every other hour. If they didn't give you an ice machine, request it! I keep my brace locked at 0 deg when moving around and unlocked only when on CPM.

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Re: Denovo NT graft - 1.5 cm defect on patella
« Reply #2 on: May 14, 2014, 02:00:51 PM »

Wondering how you're doing now after your surgery?