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Author Topic: Knee discomfort switching from extension to flexion - 2 Wks ACL Post Op  (Read 500 times)

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I'm about 2 weeks post ACL reconstruction and small Microfracture area (8mm) on Medial Condyle. Doc didn't put me in CPM because area was small enough. Been focusing a lot on extension but still doing heel slides.

Today I noticed something in my knee - talking to PT about it at next appointment but curious if others have experienced this?

If I focus on extension first (today was great. I was actually able to get and keep the ankle off the floor more than I have before and really feeling the Quads work and VMO activate. Little discomfort when I extend to lockout or past lockout (hard to tell where still a little swelling in there). But right after doing really strong extensions, the first couple heel slides (especially the first) feels odd. Hard to describe but it sort of feels like I need to just snap my lower leg out and "pop" my knee (Not sure if you know what I mean when I say that.. I do that sometimes with my elbow and shoulder and knee.. sort of a kick out and I get a little pop in the knee cap).. So that first heel slide is a little more painful and it feels like something needs to pop.. After I've done a couple or few the rest are great and I'm able to pretty much heel slide to 105-115 degrees - pain and tightness in whichever quad is on the lateral side of knee when I get to about 105 but I can push to 110 or 115ish.