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Author Topic: Anyone Had Alograft Transplant (OAT)?  (Read 1704 times)

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Anyone Had Alograft Transplant (OAT)?
« on: January 18, 2004, 07:24:43 PM »

Has anyone one had an alograft articular cartilege transplant for the knee?  I am facing this surgery now and I would love to hear the following info:

What state and hospital?

How long did you have to wait for donor?

Was it fresh or frozen?

Was it open or arthroscopic?

Was it plugs or one big piece?

What was the size of the damaged area?

Was it a weight bearing area or not weight bearing?

Did they try microfracture surgery first and if so did it help at all?

Did you have any infection problems?

Most important, how successful was it?

Can you walk without pain?

Can you do leg weight exercizes?

Can you jog?

Can you do agressive stuff such a basketball, volleyball or skiing?

How long did it take from the date of the surgery until it was 100% or until it stopped improving (i.e feeling better)?

My injury was from acute trauma (it happened instantly), is about the size of a quarter (3-4 cm2 ), it weight bearing, the bone underneith is damaged.  I have to walk with a limp.  I had the microfracture surgery which is supposed to fill in the damaged area with fibrous cartilege but it was unsuccessful, probably because the area was too large.  If you are reading this site, you probably can relate to the desperation I am feeling right now.  Please resond with any information you can.  I would also like to hear the same information from people who have had autograph OATs.


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Re: Anyone Had Alograft Transplant (OAT)?
« Reply #1 on: January 18, 2004, 10:33:41 PM »
Hi Jack!

You can read my posts about autograph oats surgery--briefly I had the following:

medial femoral condyle defect about the size of a dime
after open surgery I was
non-weight bearing for 6 weeks, using a cpm 4 hrs/day
the improvement (pain) was dramatic, almost immediately no pain, except for normal post-op pain.  the damaged area never hurt again
recovery took about 6 months before I could comfortably do stairs, etc
a year before I could squat
now my knee is 100% and I can do everything I want; i am not a jogger, however.
no infections from surgery, no microfracture beforehand, just debridement and plica removal
surgery was done in NYC at the Hospital for Special Surgery, my surgeon was Dr T Wickiewicz, whom I can highly recommend.

I haven't answered your questions in order, but that's the gist of my experience.  I think that for defects of a smaller size, oats is the way to go and I would do it again.
Good luck to you, I hope you find the answers you are seeking

plica excision 05/01,  followed by OATS 09/02


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Re: Anyone Had Alograft Transplant (OAT)?
« Reply #2 on: January 18, 2004, 11:12:36 PM »
Thanks so much for replying.  That is very encouraging as to how yours turned out.

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Re: Anyone Had Alograft Transplant (OAT)?
« Reply #3 on: January 19, 2004, 08:01:03 PM »

I answered your question on Bob's ACL board.  If you have any questions, let me know.

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