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Author Topic: ACL Surgery and THEN Patella Surgery- 2 Surgeries in less than a week  (Read 759 times)

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I had my first surgery (ACL repair) on Friday March 1st, and it went GREAT!  By Monday I was able to lift my knee, could bend at ease at a 70 degree angle on my machine and was in great spirits.  On the way to PT I lost control and my crutch bounced back and hit my knee, it crushed my knee cap. My Patella was fragmented into 3 portions according to my docs notes.  It was excruciating and I had my second surgery on Weds. the 6th.  I can't find much information about this happening often and I am just looking for some advice and to see if I can wrap my head around what will be ahead for me and my family, I feel like such a burden right now.  Any words of advice would be great. Here is what I am doing so far.

-Drinking Milk daily- and eating cheese
-Eating oranges, broccoli, yogurt and taking tons of vitamins and probiotics
-elevating my leg and I sleep with it elevated too
-Flexing my quad as much as I can take the pain, I can only do 20 flexes at a time- I dread doing the flexes
-I stretch, get up often and try to rest as much as possible

What else can I do?
ACL tear- 12-24-2012
ACL Repair Surgery - 3-1-2013
Knee cap fracture- 3-4-2013
Left Patella surgery and partial tear of tendon-
Surgery - 3-6-2013

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Re: ACL Surgery and THEN Patella Surgery- 2 Surgeries in less than a week
« Reply #1 on: March 17, 2013, 05:25:03 AM »
hey pam,

i started PT almost 3 wks post opt.. they had me do ankle bends in all 4 directions as well as the quad flex. i would also prop my heel on a towel for about 8 mins at a time.
i had acl surgery and than sliped and cracked my knee into 2 pieces. just curious did you use the patella tendon for you acl reconstruction
10/5- ACL complete tear/ grade 2 Mcl /lcl Sprain (fall while dancing )
12/21- Acl surgery
12/31- patella fracture (slip on wet side walk)
1/4- patella surgery
1/16-First day PT ; ROM 35
1/31-Rom 63
2/13-Rom 98
2/16- release for driving
3/11- ROM 123