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Author Topic: Post ACL replacement and Medial Meniscus repair surgery question.  (Read 374 times)

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I had my ACL replaced using my own hamstring tendon and my damaged Meniscus was able to be repaired and not removed. I had the surgery done at the end of 6/2012 so just over 7 months ago. I did physical therapy for about 3 months after the surgery until I was capable of managing my own workouts at my regular gym (also due to insurance issues). It has been healing well and I am not too worried about this but I have recently got a new job as a waiter where I am on my feet walking all day and I had also been moving more weight around at the gym then previously, but my knee did end up quite swollen and am having to really focus on not limping and walking properly. Any ways, I've been icing it several times a day and taking it easy on it in then gym. It seems to be improving, but does this sound pretty regular? Any ways, just wanted some thoughts on this, is there any concerns?