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Author Topic: First Knee Surgery - ACL Hamstring Autograft w/ Surprise Microfracture  (Read 705 times)

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I've been reading through the forums here and will in a bit - from my recliner with my elevated heel for the 4th night in a row (I can't sleep on my back unless I'm sitting up a little, I'm a stomach sleeper..) and wanted to share where I was and see what some veterans had to say on a few things..

I'm 34, not in the best of shape - but certainly far from the worst.. Ruptured my ACL sparring in martial arts. A kick laterally on the knee did the POP! OUCH! [email protected]&$!! to me. Doc thought it was potentially a torn meniscus and told me to go easy and if it got worst, gave out, etc to call him and schedule MRI.. I did and MRI showed it was a totally ruptured ACL - looked like a mop head exploded on the MRI...

Had my surgery last Friday about 2 months or so out from injury. Didn't really get much in the way of pre-op PT, but did some quad sets on my own and worked hard on getting to the same degree of extension as the good leg (-2-3 hyper extension) but fund it tough with how the injury was. Surgery went okay but Doc told me I ruined my Medial Femoral Condyle cartilage between MRI and surgery - probably one of my couple slips where my knee "went out" while shoveling in the icy Northeastern US... So he decided to do a microfracture for me..

So now I'm NWB for 4 weeks. Had my first PT today. And just wanted to see where I was compared to some of you. I'm mildly concerned that Doc didn't give me a CPM order - but hoping my status isn't bad -

At PT I was able to get to about 85/86 degrees flexion on my own with heel slide. Felt like anything past that and my knee cap would have burst off. Hard to describe - it wasn't pain that stopped me, just felt like swelling. Protocols only have 80 degrees as goal for me.

Could only get to about 7/8 degrees extension.. Has me mildly concerned - goal this week and next is to get to 0. Spending time with my ankle up and  pushing my knee down - hurts a lot.. In knee, sort of by ankle for some reason (Referred pain?) and down top of shin/lateral side of calf when I push hard. PT adjusted brace for me, made a difference, before adjust it didn't feel like it was trying to keep my knee extension up.

Did my first round of exercises tonight. 20 heel slides were good, to 86 and back down to 7-9 degrees. Ankle pumps with some pain as the forward pump activated quads and pushed knee down.. Quad sets were tough. Felt like I couldn't quite "get" my Quad to respond and when I could push the knee down a bit - it definitely hurt.. Had stopped pain meds this morning but decided to add them back in after this :)

Still quite a bit of swelling in the knee but PT says it isn't bad at all, not close to the worst he's seen. Slipped on crutches twice so far and did quick toe touch/heel touch weight bear while gaining balance. No pain in the knee, just felt a little funny/numb on the foot when I did.

Am I missing out on the CPM or  is the fact I can hit 85/86 4 days post op without much exercise in 3 days preceeding an alright sign? Is not being at 0 right away a pretty normal story?