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Author Topic: About crossing the legs while sitting/ tips for enduring working time?  (Read 624 times)

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Hi! I'll try to be brief... hehe  :P

I work in front of a computer 10 hours a day. On the 2nd floor. Yup... 

I have pain in both my knees and I'm just waiting for the X-rays to come out so I can make the appointment to go see the orthopedic in about 2-3 weeks (my general doc thinks I have the medial meniscus torn in both knees and tendinitis , and prescribed only pain killers in the mean time) (and I think I am also a severe overpronator and that I have mildly genu valgum knees). Also, I have sciatica nerve pain.

Still longing hard for that Ortho rendez-vous...

Oh well, as I'm sitting here all day I get in all the awkward positions you can imagine in order to feel comfortable... I'm a very stressed person so I'm constantly stretching my neck, back and legs too and trying to relax.

I've found that my lower back pain is reduced if I cross my legs "like  a lady" (I don't know how else to ilustrate it :P )... but after a few minutes my knees start to hurt and I don't know if this is just like "here it goes, more pain for you, just because ;)" or if this happens because of the crossed legs....

What are your experiences on this matter?

also, do you have any tips on posture that make the knee rest?

My chair is not very high ;'C and the desk is not very uhmm.. deep/profound? I mean I can't strech my legs completly because they don't fit inside my desk (and I'm tall, at least for a girl 170cm so I have long legs )... so they have to be folded, the poor x.x or crossed lol

Anyways,, anything helps!

Thank you all in advance! :D

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I have a mostly sitting job as well.  I try to get up and walk around each hour and then stretch my muscles.

As I am short I have no idea how to deal with the lack of leg room ;) 

Good luck.
Rt. knee pain while hiking 08/10
Saw GP 04/11
PT 05/11  failed
MRI  clean 06/11
1st OS, nothing wrong, fired him.
2nd OS, cortisone shot 12/11 
Scope 05/12, fat pad impingement, cleaned and reshaped.
3rd and 4th OS think nerve problem
Nerve study June 2012, Femoral nerve damage