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Author Topic: OS said this is not a normal injury. Anyone had something similar? Pls help  (Read 1101 times)

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    • My patellar tendinosis
Hello, My original post is here,  and you can see how I've improved.

To update, my right knee is now pain free 1 month (yay!)  my R quad has gained some strength back. 

My left patellar tendon has now popped.   It popped while walking doing errands and I came home as soon as possible to ice because it felt so similar to my right knee, just not as big of a pop.    Same thing happened where it was fine after I iced and then 3-4 days it's throbbing pain and it forces me to walk with a straight leg.   I'm icing and taking NSAIDS with some relief.  Pain is under knee cap, slightly inner side of knee cap.   I can fully extend leg and have full quad strength in left leg

Went to my OS again and he really is confused that this happened when I'm so young.  Especially with the way it's behaving.  It's not like tendonitis because I don't get any pain while sitting or on long trips.  It's not a gradual pain, it's pretty sudden.  But nothing is ever torn.  My OS keeps asking if I returned to my normal routine and if there's something in my routine that makes it worse.  But I haven't, I haven't done Yoga, Pilates or Barre in 4 months now.   I try to swim laps in the pool.  And go to PT twice a week and do my PT exercises.   And walking is only when running errands

Has anyone had anything similar?   Will this go on (back and forth between knees) or will I eventually get to return to trying to be healthy.

11/2012 R patellar tendon injury, immediate quad atrophy
12/2012 MRI- tendinosis
1/2013- OS- Patellar tendinitis and Chondromalacia
3/2013 L Patellar tendon pop, no quad atrophy
7/5/13   Normal MRI, right knee tendinosis cured!