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Author Topic: knee locked and won't straighten  (Read 3109 times)

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knee locked and won't straighten
« on: February 20, 2013, 11:38:26 PM »
Hello people, 3 weeks ago while playing football my knee caved in on me and I distinctively heard it crack twice, I have been for xray and was no break and recently had my mrI but waiting on results but am dreading it as the pain has not healed since the injury and I am still on crutches.

My knee feels locked and will not straighten and hurts when i try bring me knee inwards,its the weirdest feeling ever something I have never experienced ever so need some help as to what people could suggest this is as after 3 weeks I'm still on crutches and no better off, thanks Aaron

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Re: knee locked and won't straighten
« Reply #1 on: February 20, 2013, 11:54:26 PM »
My guess would be a meniscus tear - I too had the locking and pain and then after a whole the buckling. Thus happens when the meniscus gets caught in the joint. It could also be ligaments.  Presumably your doctor didn't give any thoughts ion a diagnosis so you'll need to wait for the scan

In the mean time, rest it, ice it, elevate it, keep off it, take painkillers as needed at the recommended doses

3 weeks is pretty soon after a knee injury. Recovery can be a long haul depending on what you've done. I'm afraid you'll need to be patient and see what the doctor says (are you waiting to see a specialist, in the UK?)

Good luck :)
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